Tuesday, July 20, 2010

{Sew} Surprised!

Last week, when I relinquished my Grown Up Card and visited my sweet friend Jenn, she loaned me a quilted bag that she'd sewn to carry home the first three Harry Potter books that she was loaning my son to read.  She loaned it to me.

Fast forward to this last Saturday when three fabby friends who are also Aunties & Uncle to my kidlets came up for a BBQ....Jenn being one of those Aunties.

We had a great time!  Hubby Q'd up some ribs (after they slow roasted in the oven) using our favorite organic GF/CF no sugar added BBQ sauce, I made a delish GF/CF macaroni salad* that I found thanks to a gluten free blogger on Twitter (that little birdie of a site is growing on me!), Jenn made a yummy green salad (with romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, beets, avocado, green onion, and olives), and Monique & Matt brought some garlic bread and a special margarita recipe for the adults. 

We finished off the night with the exhausted kidlets finally in bed, the men, boys, goodness!, men chuckling like they were years younger (that's a nice way to say it, right?! :>) at some YouTube videos and us girls, okay women (somehow that always sounds weird to me when I'm with my friends from my teen years....probably because we've been known to regress when we're together! :>) chatting it up in the living room and checking out Monique's recent scrapbook (she's the one who started me scrapping all those years ago!).

When we were walking our three friends out to their car, apparently, Jenn turned to my Hubby and said, "Shhhhhh!!!!", pointing to her fabby quilted bag that she loaned me last week.  Seriously......loaned it!!

Look at that sweet little pocket on the front!!

Here it is!!  Isn't it cute?!  I think so.

Just as cute from the back.

Oh my goodness!!  That turquoise stitching tickles...such a happy detail!

It gets better.  On the inside there are pockets.  And polkas.

On one side its a full pocket.  And on the other side, she split it vertically.  Not only did she split the whole pocket vertically for divided storage, but she also sewed a higher bottom on one side that is just perfect to slip a cell phone into....now, how genius is that?! :>

And then, THEN, I try to give her this sweetly sewn bag she's made and loaned me to take back home with her.  She just smiles, gives me a hug and says, "You're welcome."

"What?!"  And thinking, no way, I try to give it back to her again.  She's not having any of it.  Jenn tells me that she's been looking for a good home for it.  Apparently, she thinks its happy here in my home.  I know I'm happy to see it smiling at me.  But, I'm even happier to know that it was stitched and sewn by my friend.

Am I a lucky gal, or what?!

What has made you feel lucky lately?

*  Only adjustments made to make the gluten free recipe casein free as well were to use salami that is not only gluten free, but casein, nitrites, msg, antibiotic, and preservative free (Applegate Farms) and to omit the optional Parmesan cheese.  We also used fresh minced garlic & shallots instead of dried for the dressing.  The whole thing is delish and since we doubled the recipe, we're still enjoying it!


  1. It's beautiful! Great that she gave it to you! I'm sure it made her feel as good as you felt to give it to you!

  2. You.

    {That was easy!} hee hee

    That bag IS to die for! Love all the detail and color combo - yum! Thought you were going to say you were inspired to make one yourself!?! Well, maybe you could just use the inspo to make something ELSE! hint hint!

    So glad you guys had fun! What a hoot you are!

  3. oh no! OH NO! Now I don't know which of your Jen-made bags to love MORE! Do you think they will be ok SHARING my ENVY??!??? hee hee!

    Bravo friend Jen! I can't think of a more deserving person to receive your lovely handmade bags.

  4. what a sweet friend your jenn is!! the bag is just lovely and you are a very lucky gal!!

  5. Can't think of a better home for my bag :) But you're not getting the 49ers bag from the same pattern, which I know you really want... LOL! Thanks for the wonderful BBQ. Had a blast as always!

  6. That bag is GORGEOUS! Wish she was my friend. ;)

  7. Hi, Karen! What a wonderful treat and terrific friend! So fabulous! :-)

    I feel lucky to have met so many wonderful people in blog land and to have made so many blog friends!

  8. totally awesome! I love it! Good crafty friends are the best!

  9. It's a wonderful bag! What a treat too! Thanks for sharing all the angles - I loved seeing it!
    Hope you're having a great week.

  10. What a great friend! I'm sure she was happy for it to have a loving home. I do that too with some of my handmade things. Only if I know it will be appreciated.

  11. Oh no, I don't think so! One cute bag is enough! You will just have to pass that one on to me ;)

  12. Good post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.


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