Thursday, July 22, 2010

Revisiting Bedrock

I was going through some old MS Word files and came across the bit below.  Our refrigerator had gone out three years ago (right after we had stocked it no less!) and living out of a cooler made me a bit crazy, I admit.  My girlfriends are used to me coping with stress through writing.  Sometimes, I just rattle off a novel's worth in an email to them (oh their poor exhausted eyes!) and sometimes, I let the zaniness of the stress evolve into something else....a little like this:

"Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Waiting in Bedrock

Update from Bedrock:

The neighbors can hear the screams of the mad woman, she calls out, "Yabbadabbadoooooo!!!" Upon investigating, they learn that her trip to the future where she brought back this contraption called a refrigerator that keeps things cold all the time and even turns other things hard, cold, and like ice is nothing but a sham.

So distraught is she over having to live like the rest of us for two whole weeks now. She thought that she could live like what she called "normal people" live like in that future she visited. Her daughter never wore her hair high on her head anymore, her son stopped banging everything, and even more blasphemous, her husband stopped peddling his car to work everyday.....he drove something with an "engine" in it and his feet never touched the ground....can you believe it?

And while her neighbors think she has turned a corner towards madness, never to return, this woman says she has sent word to this future for help to fix her refrigerator. Neighbors anxiously awaited this futureboy last Saturday, but he was never to be seen. Is he a figment of this woman's imagination? Will her magic refrigerator ever make food cold again? Will there be ice in Bedrock in the heat of summer? Will this mad woman come to her senses?

Stay tuned to find out!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Still Waiting in Bedrock

The mad woman's refrigerator still does not work. Neither word nor repairperson from the future ever came last night. The people who control the time machine claim that he will make an appearance tomorrow. The mad woman and Bedrock citizens alike, all have great doubt. After spending several hours attempting to get actual results again, she is exhausted, has quite a headache and is now just waiting, yet again, for future boy to actually make that appearance tomorrow. Complaints are being registered everywhere she can think of. Bedrock citizens are concerned that if this contraption does not make her food cold and produce ice soon, Bedrock's men in white coats may have to come knocking on her door. Stay tuned to see if this woman's sanity and refrigerator can be saved."

After a month had passed, I had called just about every customer service rep in the company who we'd paid the service protection contract to when we bought the fridge....every day, spoken with supervisors and the supervisors' supervisors, almost a half dozen appointments that nobody showed up for or bothered to call to cancel, wrong parts had been ordered, sent back, and ordered again, our refrigerator was finally fixed.  And I tucked my mad woman from Bedrock away in the bits & chips of the computer.

Thankfully, all this time later, while I do remember the exasperation very well, I can now simply get a chuckle at where my mind travelled to.

Where does your mind travel to when life or appliances stress your nerves? 


  1. I've been there with a fridge before! Won't mention the brand...

  2. Oh, friend. It's always something, ain't it! I've been there, too - but it was a week long power outage, back in 2003 or so.... Scary and sobering to live "camping" in your own home. At the least, it makes one REALLY and truly enjoy "the little things!" I love your hilarious ramblings and, hey, if it helps keep you sane - WRITE on, Sista! Yee Haw!

  3. It doesn't take much to bring out my inner mad woman to rear her stressed out face. I get stressed about everything!

  4. OH, I remember those emails! And your rants are always welcome :)

  5. oh, karen! your story was hilarious!! your talent for writing is enormous! i hope you share some more in the future!


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