Friday, July 23, 2010

Hula, Happy Dance, & Disney Playdate

Happy Friday!    

I know.  I just said Friday.  But, I still have Thursday on my mind, rattling on the front burner, throwing up a vivid picture show to entertain me, and sending little electrical pulses across my face, to make me smile!

Thursdays are busy run around, drive all over days...usually.  Thursdays are dance class days for wee girl.  For the summer, they are continuing the ballet, tap, and rhythm instruments they were learning all spring and now they are learning the hula as well.....all those little girls in their leotards, tights, ballet slippers and grass skirts are just too precious for words!

This Thursday, however, after my sweet boy & I dropped wee girl off at Grammie's (its a Grammie & wee girl weekly activity), we headed out for a special playdate of our own.  To back up just a stitch, before we left, he packed his lunch. 

Let me say that again, he packed his own lunch.  He made his own GF/CF ham sandwich, gathered GF/CF pretzels, carrots, and a pickle & put them all in his school lunch box with an ice pack (to keep his preservative free ham cold!).  He packed his OWN lunch!  Mama was doing a Happy Dance, let me tell you!!

While we drove to our playdate, my sweet-made-his-own-lunch-boy ate that self made lunch (more like inhaled it!).  Why did he need to eat his lunch in the car??  We were headed to the theater to see Toy Story 3!!  He was bubbling with excitement upon arrival and I was wishing I had Elastigirl arms to keep us near each other (I just don't bounce and stretch like excited sweet boy does). 

Both of us enjoyed the movie, but I was very glad that sweet girl wasn't with us.  I think she would have been scared.  (In fact, we watched a little girl clinging to her daddy's neck being carried out at the very point that I thought would be too much for wee girl.)  Even my sweet boy, who wasn't afraid, had a vast array of questions as to why the mean character (won't say more than that for those that haven't seen it) was so mean.  But, it definitely gave us lots to talk about, in a good way.

I went looking for a composition book in my stacks o' stuff to alter and came  up with one I had already painted the first coat on sometime ago. So, I've painted the remaining coats to cover it and have the fabric I want to cut up for an embellie on it.  My crafty crystal ball sees me rummaging through my papers and then finishing it this weekend.  And that canvas that has been staring at me, giving me the evil eye, will be quite happy (I hope) when I put another couple layers of paint on it!

What's in store for you this weekend?  I'd love for you to come share! :>


  1. OH, so want to see that movie! But going to see Despicable Me and sushi w/ a "new" girl friend tomorrow. Hope to see all my "old" girl friends together in a couple of weeks! VERY cool that he made his own lunch today. Big milestone!!!

  2. how wonderful that your boy packed his own lunch!! and that you had such a great time. can't wait to see your altered book!

  3. Okay, honey! Have I completely LOST my mind - I could have sworn that I gave you some love on this uplifting post, but I don't see it! {Dontcha hate that!} ANYWAY, you guys are TOO stinkin' cute! Yeah, for the boy, his fine accomplishments, YOUR special time and the craft to come! Yipeeee!

  4. it is a great day when your kids can pack their own lunch...rejoice!

  5. oooooo! I can't wait to see what you do with the composition book!!!!!!! Your kiddos are so cute! I wish Ava still took dance..... I'm trying to push her towards jazz or hip hop, anything as long as it's dance! She has a mind of her own....girls! Have a good weekend! Oh, T.O isn't going to Seattle, I know you're happy about that! lol

  6. Can't wait to see your altered composition book once it has been "Karenified"! Big kudos to your lunch-making boy.


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