Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Time.

I've said it before, little things often make me smile even brighter than the big things, and again, it is oh so true! And you know what?!  I just realized that it has been Quite awhile since I have shared a few of those little things!! 

Sometimes, when life's actions, reactions, movement, tragedies, triumphs, challenges, and often fast pace are swelling up our world, it helps to recognize and remember all those wonderful little bits and pieces in a single day that can add up to a great day.  And what never ceases to amaze me is that if I stop (halt, cease, pause, wait, close my eyes & breathe), even if I feel like I am having a lousy day, those little things can often add up to a larger sum than those un-fun incidences in the day.  With that said.................

(Oh yea....before ya get y'er panties in a bunch about a non-uber neat boy begging to clean, read to the end....I promise he had good motivation...........but, the action, nonetheless, made me smile! :>)

*  My son waking me early to ask what he could clean..........made me smile!

My boy telling me I was ruining his cleaning time when I told him that we needed to take his sister out to Grammie's for dance class today........................made me smile!

*  My Grande Light Mocha Frappuccino to battle the Benadryl today.......................made me smile!

*  Watching the beautiful butterfly flit across Mom's driveway and into the trees...............................made me smile!

*  Wee girl giving me a kiss on the nose when I left her with Mom for dance class.......................made me smile!

*  Looking through the peephole when our doorbell rang and at first not seeing anything, then seeing a speck of my wee girl's head, waaaaaaaaay below, returning from dance class.....................made me smile!

*  Hearing the surprised smile on Hubby's face when I called from Costco to ask what size the golf shirt that I bought him a couple of months ago was...because I was there to get him another one.......................made me smile!

*  My boy jumping up and practically tackling me when I said that the salami that I had in the fridge for a macaroni salad that I'm making for the BBQ we're having Saturday is safe for him to eat (gluten, casein, nitrite, msg, preservative free!) and telling me, "I love you!  You're the best Mom ever!!".................made me smile!

Hubby exhaling first and then smiling when he saw that I brought home something as simple, yet 'necessary' as coffee, while on my mega grocery store run this evening (to Costco, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Safeway)...................made me smile!

*  Wee girl running, charging, out of her room when she heard me come home from insane grocery run, jump up and hang from my neck...........................made me smile!

*  Eating a Cold salad at home (courtesy of Safeway) while watching the So You Think You Can Dance results show after sweating like a bucket of ice in a sweltering sauna in a Hot car for the grocery race..................made me smile!

*  And yes, I confess, watching "Bethenny Getting Married?" ....................made me smile!

Little things!!  Little things, from the trivial to the pivotal moments, make me Smile!!! 

Now, for reality's sake, I should say that my boy is not usually that excited about cleaning.  In fact, its more than not his favorite thing to do.  The night before his Excited Day to Clean Day, his Dad offered him up a big carrot, a Really Big Carrot.  Both he and his Dad like their computer games and his Dad offered him up his own player on his Dad's game............if, IF, he helped Mama out with the house (aka more than the usual chores) as we have company coming on Saturday (can't wait to see you, Auntie Jenn, Auntie Monique & Uncle Matt!!!). 

I would have settled for much less than him waking me early to ask what he could start cleaning or when he could use a Swiffer to dust (quite honestly my favorite cleaning tool....ever! sneezing!!).  As it turns out, that carrot that Hubby held out for him was sooooo BiG, that I heard More phrases out of my boy that I Never Ever thought I would Ever hear!!  Not too shabby, Hubby!  And, most definitely, Smile Worthy!

I would Love to hear from You!!  What little things have made you smile today?  Can't wait to hear! :>


  1. You an your family are awesome! Huge mad crazy props for living in the moment and finding all those smiles in the middle of an ordinary day...since we KNOW ordinary is actually the extraordinary. Oh and can you send your cleaning elf our way? hee hee...wtg hubs! it's all about the right carrot!

  2. YOU! You make me smile, Karen! Thanks for reminding me ABOUT the little things, and that darling snapshot into the comings and goings of your happy lil' house! Too cute!

  3. What a wonderful post! We all need to keep it in check, right? It is so easy to lose our perspective, but I have recently found myself being thankful for things like our kids being healthy, having somewhere to live, and being able to start fresh in such an amazing country! You know, just the little stuff! :-)

  4. Okan, can your son fly out to visit me and help me clean?? I'll pay the airfare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How cute is that! That made ME smile! xoxo

  5. your lovely posts make me smile, karen and your sweet comments! i so appreciate your visits to my little corner of blog-land! so heres to more lovely posts and more smiles!

  6. Thank you for sharing all the things that made you smile, it made me smile. Today my cat Jasmine made me smile when she collected the post from our letterbox. I swear she was a dog in a previous life!!
    We have a lot to be thankful for and we should all take more time thinking about what makes us smile,
    Love Sarita xx

  7. really love this post karen...I think we all (translation=me)need reminders about slowing down and taking things the girl that is using her netbook and ipod touch to blurf...thanks for the reminder my friend..and YOU made me smile today:)

  8. This post made me smile! :) As do pleasant surprises!

    I wish that there are more things for you to smile about this weekend Karen! Have a great one! :)

  9. Yes it is always the little things for me too. xx

  10. That is super sweet! Such a good exercise to write these down!

  11. I stumbled upon your blog while reading Pioneer Woman comments, and I'm so glad that I did!

    You have a gorgeous blog--looking forward to reading more!

  12. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog after reading MY comment on PW's blog! And I love YOUR blog... :<) I turned 50 last week, and I can certainly say that as I've aged, I've grown much more appreciative of the little things. I've come to a realization that happiness is short-lived and often contingent on THINGS, which are fleeting. But joy? Joy can be a constant companion, even in the shadows of the valley. So yes, I look for joyful things every day. Yesterday, my boy wanted to go out in the rain hunting for box turtles. And he found one. That was joyful for him, although not so much for the turtle. BUT, he then found a HUGE white grub (it wss going to be one heck of a beetle!) and he ended up giving it to the turtle. THAT was joyful for the turtle, who looked like he had entered a hot dog eating contest as he gulped down that grub whole. We won't go down the road of how the grub felt. We'll just say that boy and turtle found joy, and THAT made me smile! :<)

  13. Hi, Karen! Terrific post! Having my kitties follow me into my office to keep me company while I work ... makes me smile. Knowing hubby took some letters to be mailed to the post office for me today ... makes me smile. Knowing dinner is already made and just needs to be heated and served ... makes me smile. Reading wonderful, uplifting blog posts like yours ... makes me smile! :-)


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