Monday, July 5, 2010

14 Hours Later and STILL Giddy!

I am giddy that I got to sleep in twenty minutes due to kidlets going to bed late.  Hubby is giddy (though I doubt he would use that exact word!) that he is golfing near the coast this morning.  The kidlets are still giddy about the fireworks last night, especially our wee girl.  It was her first time staying up late enough to watch and her whole body shimmied and shook with excitement! 

We all watched the parts of the fireworks show going on at the high school that we could see from our backyard.  Our sweet boy gave us a play by play of the action, wee girl sat atop her Dad's shoulders, and the cat kept looking at us like we were her own personal late night kitty TV show.

I had no idea that there was a fireworks setting on my camera, until last night.  Ya learn something new everyday, right?!  Holding my camera up high for the whole show led to quite shaky pictures!

But, ya know what?!  There's something that I kind of like about all these squiggly firework lines.  So, I'm okay with all the wiggles. :>

Even with the squiggles and wiggles, I loved seeing all the colors and pops and the fantastic light show that it was!

And the finale did not disappoint the gasping, ooo'ing, ahhhh'ing, clapping kidlets!  Before even the standard, "Good morning" could escape wee girl's lips, she came to me wide eyed, still quivering, saying, "Mom!  I loved the fireworks and the boom-boom-ba-boom-da-boom!!!"

7 Section Tripod 41IN Eco Trends E-grn

Next year, I intend on using the cute 7 Section Tripod 41IN Eco Trends E-grn my Mom gave me for Mother's Day to see what happens when my arm isn't shaking!  Isn't it cute??!!  Mine came in Pink! :>

Firework excitement continues today as the kidlets are both busy drawing and coloring their pictures.  Wee girl's pic is all about the fireworks and my sweet boy has drawn a pic of a firework in the sky being watched by his favorite animal, a cat.

I hope your weekend was as good as ours was!  We will be finishing up Extended School Year this week and seeing what the rest of summer will hold for us.  What's in store for you this month??


  1. What COOL pix, Kare! I'm delighted that BOTH of your babies got to enjoy the Fireworks show! What awesome memories! I adore the tidbits from your sweet family - ADORABLE! Thanks for the terrific share! {You're on a roll! hee hee}

  2. Hi Karen,
    Wow those pictures are really cool! I'm glad you had fun! So many places that would normally display fireworks cancelled due to our fog and June Gloom, especially by the beach. We drove out the The Valley and saw the fireworks that are shot off from the CBS Studios. It was a fun night. And actually chilly for this time of year.

    Hope you're having a wonderful Monday.


  3. these are great pictures!
    you sound like watching the littlest one was the best part of the show
    i don't think i have a fireworks button..but i am sure going to check it out!

  4. Those pics are totally awesome! So glad you guys had such a great 4th! Hugs from Denmark!

  5. Wow! awesome firework photos!!! I have no clue if I have a fireworks button on my camera. Going to have to look!

  6. Love the pics! Any chance you're bringing pics of the little ones' drawings when you come visit tomorrow? Would love to see them!


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