Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Traveling Mojo

My Mojo to create is still with me, but it has been traveling a bit.  Mojo hasn't been traveling geographically (if it did, could it take me back to Victoria, B.C.?? or to Fort Bragg, CA?? or to one of the places I'm aching to return to?? purty puhleeeze??).  Mojo has been playing with my camera and flitting around Flickr lately. 

Other than one quick card for a Moxie Fab challenge from last June (oh goodness! that's almost a Year flies!!), I had not played around there a lot.  I've read Pioneer Woman from almost her beginning and last month, I finally decided to play along with one of her Flickr photography assignments.  And I've played along with the three since then. 

Guess what?!  Come close and I'll tell you......I've been having so much fun!!  I love that Flickr has so many groups that cater to the amateur & pro alike and both can throw their shots into PW's Flickr group.  Not to mention, that place is an inspiration powerhouse!

Thought I'd share with you my latest upload.  Two roses in our backyard bloomed at the same time and this is one of them.


I am having fun playing and learning (actually, blogging is what has made me realize how much fun it is to take those photos....and oh my, I'm having a Girl Scout flash back to my Photography Interest Project Patch....right now!!).

Blogging, attempting to capture something beautiful and/or interesting, and even that Girl Scout photography seminar from more than twenty years ago have definitely made me wish for a better camera!  And while its definitely on my wish list, it won't be appearing in my home anytime super soon.  So, I'm simply doing the best with what I have (which I bought four years ago.....thinking I just wanted something digital & small to be able to capture my kidlets' moments with.....little did I know where Mojo would begin to take me!).

What kind of cameras do you use?  Do you like what you have or what is on your wish lists?  I'd love to know and learn from you too! :>  And come visit me on Flickr!  Do you add your cards and/or photos to Flickr?  If you do, I'd love to connect...add me as a contact and I'll hop on over and say 'hello'! :>


  1. Karen, what a gorgeous pic of your rose! I just have a cheap point and shoot that I picked up at Target on a black friday bargain:) Nothing fancy smancy...

    P.S. I love victoria too....sooo pretty up there!!

  2. what a gorgeous photo Karen! just lovely!

  3. Hi and thank so much for stopping by my blog. Oh yes, our creative mojo is a funny thing. I thought I lost mine the other day but the next morning it was there again! I LOVE Fort Bragg. I haven't been there in years. We had an 8th grade field trip there!

  4. What a gorgeouos picture. I really need to up my photography skills. Thanks for visiting me!

  5. I love Flickr.....just poking around is so much fun. xo

  6. omg that rose is gorgeous. my neighbor gave me some roses from his garden, it's crazy how that vase of roses has made my home feel so 'happy!' I want them in here all the time. Mojo, gotta love when it comes and goes!
    ... you know, I haven't been on flickr much, it's one thing I'm not familiar with. Maybe I'll learn from you. And Yes, yer hawks have made some good trades- you must be excited! It'll be fun playing FF with you,except for those 2 sundays when our teams meet, lol! :)

  7. Wow, what a beautiful picture! I'd love to get better at taking pics, you're doing great!

  8. Amazing girlfriend! And I love how you chose to showcase a rose in yellow with hints of red. Smart girl...subliminally you know you like the home team. :)

    We broke down and got a digital camera right before we moved here 4 years ago. Yes, you have it right...we had a real 35mm film camera until 2006. I know. Don't say it. I am almost ashamed!

    I did a ton of research and went with a DSLR. At the time, Sony had a new model that was better than the Canon for the price, so we went with it. I love my camera! It has taken us all over the world with never a hiccough! 4 years and going strong! Now, will it hold up to the bears and -40 degree winters? We shall see...we shall see! :)

  9. Hey Pretty Lady! WOW! What an amazing photo! I find it interesting you are focusing on photography right too!!! I've pulled out my Karen Russell Photographer's Workshop manual, another online manual for shooting children and I've been visiting Pioneer Woman and Clickin Moms websites. I'm shooting with a Canon 40D right now. Looking to buy another lens soon.

    Keep you the good work. I will be certain to hop on Flickr soon and check out your awesome shots! Here's to a wonderful weekend for ya! xoxo -L

  10. Hi, Karen! That is a STUNNING photo of your rose! Beautiful colors in it!

    We take lots of photos in this house and have all sorts of cameras. I have a Canon point-and-shoot and my hubby has a Kodak Zi8 hi-res video camera. We also have Nikon D-SLRs and regular film SLRs.

    What I'd like is a point-and-shoot much like the one I have now but that could shoot in 300 dpi instead of 180. And maybe a video camera for myself!

    Have fun! Photography is one of those hobbies that you can grow with you throughout your lifetime! :-)

  11. Hi Karen,

    Great picture...that is a beautiful rose.


  12. what a BEAUTIFUL sight!! hope you are doing well. sorry it has been so long since i have visited the crafting world. things are still pretty busy. that smoothy a few posts back looks devine! just wanted to say hello friend.

  13. Hello, GORGEOUS! Where the heck have I been? You're tapped into some extremely juicy goodness, here, sweet thang! I can't believe how fabulous and inspirational YOUR picture is... I could just get lost in it! {Now, my assignment to you.... PAINT IT! SERIOUSLY!} Oh, Kare, you could totally do that! You're awesome, dontcha' know! Git er done, girl!

    Anyway, sorry - easy for me to TALK! Meanwhile, whatever the camera YOU'VE got, that's the one I want next! hee hee Stunning photog skills there, lil' sista!

  14. Agree with amy, love that rose picture! So beautiful.


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