Monday, April 26, 2010

One Little Word Update

When I chose my One Little Word for 2010, I chose {Life}, and while there were many reasons to choose that word, one particular reason swayed me. Before our daughter arrived a few years ago, we had our veggie garden and loved it! We loved planting it as a family, watering it, checking on it, picking from it, and cooking with what we grew.....all as a family. Once we had our wee girl, we didn't replant. And I have missed it....a lot.

So, to remedy that, my wee girl (who loves her fruits and veggies so much that we often have to bribe her with a veggie to get her to eat the main course on her plate) and I have been bringing home 2 1/2" organic starter plants the last couple weeks.

And now, tomatoes, chives, and parsley are in the ground, in planters on the deck, and in an old antique wash basin. Sharing those homes are a few other herbs & veggies, including:


Yellow Bell Pepper
(that was a wee bit chewed up by the time it got into the ground
...not sure that it happened before or after it arrived home)

Red Bell Pepper

And our boy's sweet strawberry plant! Can you believe it was only a couple of leaves big when he brought it home in his backpack from a local Ag Fair??!!

And since I took these pics, zucchini, rosemary, Japanese eggplant, peppermint, crooked neck yellow squash, and artichoke organic 2 1/2" starter plants have followed my wee girl and I home and are waiting to stretch their roots out in some deeper soil!

We are all having a lot of fun and enjoying having a veggie garden again.....or in the case of our wee girl, for the first time. It feels good to plant {life}, help it grow, eventually harvest it, and bring it into our kitchen to better our lives!

What's growing in your garden this season?


Oh last thing, my wee girl, our Princess, came running up to me the other day with excited words spilling out of her wee mouth, "Look Mom!! I spelled 'Disney'!!!"

When I told her what it really spelled, she was tickled and proceeded to write 'Princess' on every single thing she could get her hands on! That was one great big little thing that made me Smile!!


  1. Can I come over for grilled veggies soon? and I LOVE that "Disney" has been appropriately renamed "princess" because we have SO been there in the "princess stage" and your story brought back the delightfulness of it all. Bless your little princess' heart and enthusiasm!

  2. I'm not growing anything except the flowers that are already planted from years before this year. Maybe I will get to some tomatoes soon. Seeing your herbs makes me want to grow some. I've done it before, and we really enjoy them.
    Love your Disney/Princess story!

  3. Great writing from your Princess, or is that "Disney" - I'm so confused...! I hope to get my veggie garden growing soon. Nothing beats homegrown tomatoes.

  4. Your little princess is adorable! How awesome you can grow your own veggies. And even more awesome your kiddos like to EAT them!
    Take care girl....xoxo Football is getting closer, whoo hooo! lol

  5. such a FUN post...I soooo have a black thumb...LOVE the disney story:)

  6. No growing anything this year...except for boxes and a ton of paper. :) I am not sure a lot will grow in AK either...besides icicles, of course! Looks I need to invite myself for a visit!

  7. So nice to see all your plants Karen! When I was a kid we always had our own plants to take care of... I´m going to grow herbs and tomatos on my new balcony next summer! I can hardly wait!

  8. Love that story! I've planted my veggies too! Hopefully we'll both have some good stuff in May!

  9. Love that your adding a vegetable garden to your family goodness! Your little princess is so adorable and what a word for such a little one!


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