Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter {Dye} Wrap-Up

Hello! I've been a wee bit MIA, haven't I??!! My son was on Spring Break last week, following Easter and though we didn't do anything super exciting, we did enjoy some very needed mellow family time. And while I checked {in} to my family, I did check out of the rest of life a bit and now life seems to be running ahead of me! (Ya like that glass half full state of mind??!! I'm not running behind, life is simply running ahead of me!! {wink, wink!})

I know I owe you a card or two and I do promise to share some soon. First, I have a couple of pic happy posts to share......there's lots of colors to enjoy (we sure did!) and you'll see soon where and what at least one of my cards might be made of towards the end of this post. {wink}

Dying Easter eggs is a happy time around here. And while the sky was wavering between gray, dark, and threatening, the rain held off long enough for us to get our DYE on!!! :>

The dying process began neat enough. Cups atop a runner of paper towels across the length of the picnic table took any minor drips, drops, and splatters. Egg holders (or better known in our technical jargon, "egg dip thingie"!) were being utilized. And beautifully dyed eggs were emerging to "OOOOOO"s and "AHHHHH"s around the table.

Then our son decided to get a wee bit creative and dye his egg multiple colors. And of course, the easiest way to have control over this creative process is to hold the egg by the fingertips. He might, just might, have seen Mama do that....

Then our wee girl wanted in on this creative egg dying process. And she utilized her hands too.

She really utilized her hands.

And she did indeed create an absolutely splendidly dyed egg, in her favorite color.

And she even gave herself a pair of hot pink skin hand gloves to wear for Easter! What do you think??

Now, I did say this is a very happy creative time for our whole family. And I meant it! Daddy got in on the egg dying action. He opted for the cleaner approach using the 'egg dip thingie'. Isn't his egg pretty?!?!

And yes, I dyed eggs too. But, my Easter egg dying fun could only be complete once I pulled out a little 2009 Egg dying fun, folded up a few paper towels, each in a different way, and started dunking!!

And yes, some of this dyed love will definitely end up on a card or two! :>

I hope you had a fun holiday, if you celebrate, a great Spring Break, if that is or was on your calendar, and a beautiful spring!! I look forward to visiting and saying, 'hello'! Thanks for stopping in and hanging with my warbled internal calendar!! :>


  1. Gorgeous photos!!! Love the resulting paper towel art.. I have one from ours, too!!!!!

    And super cute new blog look!!!

  2. WoW your pictures are amazing Karen, I have never seen such beautiful easter eggs in muy life!
    and DAMN I missed you! I took a break, came back, and you were still MIA! lol I have been overwhelmed, it seems I can never catch up- and OMG, wth is wrong with the niners- passing on Donovan McNabb first, now letting Brandon Marshall slip away- devastated! I'm not feeling the love for York, I want Eddie back!I'm getting excited for football girl, I can't wait! xOxO

  3. he heeeee! Love your egg dying antics! Love those pink easter "gloves"! :)

  4. Don't know if I like the eggs or the paper towels better! I know I love the pink hands. Definitely a little princess :)

  5. You're so fun! I love your NAPKINS {again!}! hee hee WHAT treasured photos these are! Scrap them, please! {;oD} I adore you!

  6. Love the paper towel dyeing idea - so creative!

  7. Wow that looks like major fun Karen!

  8. Love the princess's pink "gloves"! Looks like you had a wonderful Easter time and I can't wait to see what you do with those lovely paper towels!!!

  9. Dearest Karen,

    WOW! You have a colorful world and creative.......YEAH! What would we do without the creativity accorded to us; that is the air that I breath, that is for sure. Even in my "work", if I can't be creative, I can't be happy! Thank you sweet, sweet Karen, for coming to my post. It really does mean a lot to us all when people come by AND comment. You must come by again tonight or this weekend; I am celebrating my birthday with two other lovely bloggers. JOIN THE FUN!

    Have a wonderful day, Anita

  10. So cute...what fun..I love dying eggs but never had my hands look like that. Hugs for a great weekend. xoxo


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