Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty!

Why am I still UP?! No! Seriously?! WHY am I still awake??!! The clock just rolled past midnight a minute ago and I'm flashing back to at least half of the day today (okay, so its technically Yesterday, but since its past it really necessary to attend to 'technically'??!) that I was tired and wishing I had gotten some extra zzzzzz's the night before. why am I still awake!

Oh, yeah!! I wanted to share a couple of my favorite kitty pictures! :> Pioneer Woman, Ree, put a call out for kitty pictures for one of her Flickr groups and since my kidlets are obsessed with kitty cats (well, since we're here, okay OKAY, I'm here, up past midnight, I'll let you in on a little kidlets are way past obsessed with kitty cats.......way past that.........they adore, they love....YES! a pic of a kitty will rapidly bring forth a very vocal, quite loud, series of, "Awwwwwww"s!)...oh yes, I digressed (I'm good at that)....since my kidlets just LOVE pics of kitties, I thought I would throw in a couple of my favs!

Here is Kitty Clyde! He passed just before the New Year, at seventeen years of age. But, this is not a sad post!! We LOVED him so!!! And this pic, is most definitely OUR favorite of him because it incorporates his spunk, his attitude, and always makes us smile! :> Our kitties were Hubby's kitties long before I came into his life. But, Clyde welcomed me with open, so to speak!!

They are/were brother and sister (& another brother lives with Hubby's best friend) and are a Manx/Siamese/Tabby mix. If you know kitties, then you may know that both Manx kitties (they don't have tails...Clyde had about a one inch stump and his sister has no tail at all, a rump) and Siamese kitties are VERY HIGH personality kitties!! Our kidlets have had many opinions as to what our kitties have had to say about life, in general, over the years. :>

Now, here's a kitty that's a bit bigger than the kitties that live with us!! We met this, um...tiger, during a special trip to the Oakland Zoo! It was a Mama and Son trip and I remember every last detail of our visit. Oh boy, I'm heading down memory lane now!! Don't worry..................its way past midnight................I won't share my ramblings down memory lane..........well, at least not at this hour! Maybe another time! :>

This sun bathing tiger was a bit shy all day and we finally caught him towards the end of our visit. We watched for him several times that day and we were so thankful that he decided to come and stretch out on his rock for a bit!

Soooo.....are you an animal person?? Do you rock with the cats or the dogs of this world?? Or maybe a fish? Any animals to capture your heart?? Or do you have a RoboDog (like a sweet friend o' mine)?? Or do furballs and critters not float your boat? I'd love to know what's prancing around your home...or not! :>

I'm off to make sure I catch at least a couple of zzzzzz's tonight or else I fear even some hot java may not help me when my alarm starts singing at!!!....a few hours!


  1. So... I used to really not like animals. Well not that I didn't like them I just didn't want any. And then we got Maddie, our dog. Since then it's been all over. I tell you I buy stamp sets with dogs and never use them, but I just have to have them since they have a dog. HA HA!

  2. Karen, your photographs are gorgeous- you have a gift I wish I had. Clyde, what a sweetie- we had a himalayan, Tooncey, who was almost 20 years old when he died. I miss that litle guy so much. Now we've moved on to a dog- I wish I had the cat back! lol

  3. OK.. by any chance was this recent birthday a launch into the 40's??? I don't think I've slept through the night in years!!!! 3am is my usual 'first wakeup'... Lordy...

    Why yes! You 'could' say we are animal people!!! All sorts.. cattle, sheep, llamas, goats, horses, bunnies, livestock dogs, guard dog, kitties, goldfish and a baby trout.. and chickens! My daughter is the bunny and goat and doggy person.. and both kids love the kitties..

    We have some extra special favorites.. Lots of characters running around here! Ernest is our oldest McNab... He was given to us as a wedding present when he was a fat little rolly polly puppy... This year will be our 15th anniversary.. Ernest got to be in our Christmas Card family photo this year... He is getting old and we are giving him extra love...

  4. Love the picture of Clyde! Fun blog!

  5. I adore you, my lil' late night friend! Your post is adorable and that picture of your dear kitty is lovely and wonderfully remembered by your tribute.... As for that Tiger shot - exquisite! What an opportunity for a mommy on a special day! You are wonderful!

  6. Love your pictures and memories. We don't have any "house pets" but we love to watch the animals in and around our home. Birds feed at the feeders live in nests in our trees. There is a family of foxes living in a hollow in our field, turkeys and deer roam through and each spring a pair of ducks visits us each afternoon for a dunk in our drainage ditch! Last spring, a skunk decided to spend some time under our deck - not so much fun! LOL

  7. How was the IV of coffee this AM? 2 kitty tortoishell (AKA calico) furballs (that make Karen sneeze) named Athena and Starbuck. Love big dogs, pigs (which Karen refuses to give me replicas of), and fish. Many fish stamps, stickers, stuffed animals, etc from Karen over the years!

  8. what a gorgeous pic of your cat! I was instantly drawn into his cute face. we have two hamsters now but have had cats in the past and a couple of fish.

  9. Awesome pics! I love animals... dogs and cats mostly! :) Seeing your pic of you cat reminds me of Toby who passed recently! I miss him! :(

  10. Dearest Karen!
    How lovely of your to stop by and comment! Thank you for coming to my anniversary "party" that has lasted a was a grand celebration and it was fun to share it with everyone. I AM AN ANIMAL PERSON!!! I love dogs, large ones to be exact, and horses, rabbits, birds and whatever has a sort of "personality"! A bright and fun post you have produced from those sleepless hours! I too find myself churning up ideas in the middle of the night!

    Have a restful week into a great weekend! Anita

  11. Beautiful pictures, Karen! Clyde looks so cute and elegant at the same time :) I love animals of all kinds... well, ok, insects not so much, honestly. Ha! I once had a budgie when I was younger with the brightest, Tweetie-like yellow feathers you can ever imagine. At the moment however, the only animal around is a photograph of a little wallaby :)

  12. So it must be in the air...the quest to lose! I'm still trying to make up for lost zzz's from my all-nighter Monday. Hope you were able to get enough rest.

    Love, love, love your pics! They are amazing! As for me being an animal person...not so much. I love animals but don't want the responsibility. I suppose dogs would be my preference if I were to choose.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and don't stay up too late! :-) L

  13. Oh I'm a big animal fan, adore them. Have a cat and will be getting a puppy shortly.

    I love your photo of your cat, he was gorgeous.....the big cat...oh dear.

  14. Love your post...I am such an animal lover..your sweet Clyde looks like he was amazing.

    I use to consider myself a dog person but my daughter got a cat and now I am hooked on both!! xoxo

  15. I could sit and look at these beautiful creatures all day.

  16. Hello Gorgeous!

    Awww...Clyde, what a lovely photo and he lived a nice long life!

    I love cats and dogs...pretty much any animal! My sweet dog Toby turns 13 tomorrow and my cat Rita will be 15 in August.

    I would love to have some chickens! LOL Really I would.

    Okay, enough of me babbling. I do hope you got some zzzzzz's!

    Have a fabulous weekend!


  17. What a beautiful and sweet kitty Clyde was, his personality oozes from your picture!
    I love all animals but cats are my fave. I have 2 Maine Coon cats, and they are just so wonderful,
    Love your tiger piccie too, it's an amazing shot!
    Love Sarita xx


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