Saturday, April 17, 2010

GF/CF/SF Strawberry-Banana Smoothie......Delish!

Last year, my sweet boy brought home a small strawberry plant that he planted, watered, and nurtured its way to producing a few strawberries. This year, that plant is looking mighty happy with many blossoms and it even divided itself at some point over the winter and so now there are two strawberry plants in the pot. We are very much anticipating more ripe red strawberries to eat and light up our sweet boy's proud smile!

In the meantime, we are a strawberry lovin' family and just cannot wait for the ones in our garden. So, that means many containers of organic strawberries come home with us!

One container of those organic strawberries made its way into the blender for this gluten, casein (the protein in dairy), soy free Strawberry-Banana Smoothie and it was absolutely deliscious!!! So delish that the kidlets had three glasses each! It was definitely a meal in a glass that day. :> (Our son cannot eat gluten or casein and soy is extremely limited in his diet. He just loves it when he can eat something that looks and tastes like what everyone else can eat and won't make him sick & miserable!!)

Gluten/Casein/Soy Free Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

One container of GF/CF/SF Coconut Yogurt
(we used strawberry-banana here, but plain or vanilla would work too)
One ripe banana
One 16 oz. container of organic strawberries
(halving or quartering first, depending on size, helps in the blending)
Half a scoop of Pea Protein
Ten drops of liquid Stevia
Crushed Ice

Add all ingredients to the blender and blend!

Did you know that you can add some spinach or kale to a sweet fruit smoothie and not effect its taste? You can! How much you add depends on how big your blender is and how much fruit you have in it. It will change its color, but its a great way to add some extra nutrients & dark leafy green veggies to you or your kidlets diet. Everybody's tastes are different, but personally, I've never seen anyone turn down a smoothie! :>

What's your favorite smoothie? My kidlets want to try a mango smoothie next!


  1. yummy!!! We've been enjoying smoothies alot lately...the man bought a Vitamix:)

    I actually have strawberries 5 days a work I always have a strawberry yogurt parfait for breakfast:)

  2. Yeah, oh YEAH! This sounds delicious! Not as prolific in the gardening department, but I do have a pristine basket-o-strawberry goodness CALLING my name! Maybe an early evening pick me up! Thanks for the reminder on the GREEN veggies as well! You're a nutrition ROCK STAR! Love this post, Kare!

  3. This looks mouth watering Karen! I adore smoothies, my fave fruits to use would be pineapple or kiwi fruit!
    Love Sarita xx

  4. Thanks for that recipie- we have the vitamix, and we need to use that thing more for healthy drinks like this.
    I'm really agitated at the Niners, they picked up Ted Ginn- are yo ukidding me? Not Holmes, Not Marshall- but Ginn- ask Mike what he thinks of that! lol Ginn is NOT going on our FF team, lmao

  5. I love gardening with kiddos...the milkshake looks so good and I love that it has extra protein

  6. Oh, now that looks yummy!! Is there anything that screams spring more than fresh, sweet strawberries? I love smoothies, too :) One of my fav's is actually also one with fruits and vegetable. It's a sliced apple, three carrots, one mango and 8-10 strawberries mixed with crushed ice and 700 ml (approx. 24 fl. oz) orange juice. I like to to call it a "Sunburst" :) Maybe your kiddos like it, too? It has the strawberries plus mango ;-)

  7. Hi, Karen! We love smoothies around here, too. And we just found some fabulous strawberries at the market! I had a strawberry-banana-orange, and my hubby had strawberry-banana-orange-mango! :-)

  8. Ok.....I need to go make myself one of those right now. I so love Strawberries...hugs to you today.

  9. We've been drinking raw green smoothies every morning for 2 years now. My kids love their greens thankfully, but they do have favorites. My 5 yr old prefers kale, with apples and ginger, the 10 yr old likes parsley, pears and mango mixed. I don't know what I'd do without my Blend-Tec!


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