Friday, April 2, 2010

World Autism Awareness Day

Today, April 2nd, is World Autism Awareness Day! And here, in the United States, all of April is Autism Awareness month. We have been affected by autism in our own family. And after the diagnosis came in, I began climbing that learning hill, er, um, curve! Thankfully, there are sites like Autism Speaks, TACA, Autism Society, and many others to visit and learn more!

Just two years ago, the incidence rate being reported was 1 child in 150 is affected with Autism. Now, the CDC (Center for Disease Control in the U.S.) reports that the rate has increased to 1 in 110 for all children and 1 in 70 for boys and TACA reports a rate of 1 in 91!

The numbers are growing. And whether you are aware of it or not, you most likely know someone who is affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Support, research dollars, and understanding are needed by the community at large. In support of World Autism Awareness Day, will you take a few minutes of your time to do a little reading? Or wear blue? Or share your own experiences with someone? Do you know someone who is affected by autism?


  1. Hi, Karen! Thanks for spreading the word about this important cause! :-)

  2. I love you, sweet Kare! You are a such a gracious and strong example of the very essence of the word "Mother." I am aware of the courage with which you face you life, each day, on the good ones and the more CHALLENGING ones... It doesn't come up all the time, nor should it ~ but just know that your strength enlightens me. Thank you for your beautiful discoveries and triumphs that you share, so generously. I am inspired by this cause and by all that you do, each and ever day!

  3. Didn't know this was today! My nephew is Autistic!! Thanks for posting this!

  4. Hi Karen
    Thanks so much for posting this. My son Connor has autism, he's 16 now and i'm still on that learning curve! I feel blessed to have such a wonderful son although I agree it can be challenging sometimes, but so worth it. Thanks so much for posting the links to these sites

  5. Actually my next door neighbor and my cousin both have autism. My neighbor actually went to a conference today for her son to learn more. She said it was great. Thanks for continuing to make people aware!

  6. Karen dear,

    Thank you for coming to strut in the Bunny Easter Parade! Your hat was gorgeous and you looked the part!:) And your fan, oh là là!

    You know, I have had several students come my way in the seven years that I have been teaching, and they are so sweet. I have a student who is on one end of the spectrum and he is brilliant and so kind! God bless you and those who you love on this Easter day and always! Anita

  7. Thank you for highlighting this worthy cause Karen. I don't know anyone personally who has autism, but my work does bring me into contact with people who do. I have already read quite a lot on this subject, but intend to do more to gain a greater understanding,
    Love Sarita xx

  8. Thank you for letting me know about this special day. We do know some people affected by autism...nice to know there is a specific day for awareness.

  9. Happy*´¨)
    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ * ƸӜƷEaster my Sweet Friend!

    I owe you an email my friend...bear with me. Love and big hugs to you and your family!

  10. Hi Karen! I had no idea your family has been affected by autism. Somehow I missed that in all my visits to your blog. I am fortunate to have never been directly affected but I have followed the blog of a sweet and courageous lady who documents the life of her autistic son Mav (Mad4Mav). Through her blog I have gained an awareness and appreciation for the trials and triumphs associated with autism. Thank you for raising awareness!!! I have always adored you and now you have a greater "special spot" in my heart! {{{hugs}}} L

  11. I didn't know there's an awareness month for autism. Thanks for spreading the word about it!

    PS: Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with egg hunts, laughter and sunshine :)

  12. Wonderful how you are spreading the word!

    Hope all is well with you :) Have a wonderful week!

  13. Well said my dear friend. I have only seen what amounts to, I am sure, just a small drop in your learning curve bucket and you are an amazing source of strength, patience and diligence. I am always in awe of your selfless total life committment to your family's needs and the endless quest for knowledge to keep refining your process. An inspiration I tell you, pure and simple.

  14. When our Jacob was diagnosed, the rate was 1 in 150,000. He is only 17 years old - in just 14 years, look at how the numbers have changed. Thanks for bringing autism awareness to your readers. xoxo


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