Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Unwanted Houseguest

There has been a most unwanted houseguest here for almost two weeks now.  It arrived and knocked my poor boy out, straight to the couch.  And then just to make Its presence better known, It turned the thermostat up on my poor boy.....way up......for almost a week.  My thermometer has never had such a work out! 

I quickly wrote and posted an eviction notice, pounded it into the front door and made quite a bit of noise about it.  It just looked up and smiled at me.  When It got tired of my poor boy's body, I realized why It was smiling at me.  "Don't worry, you and your sweet girl are next."  And we were. 

It has refused to take notice of said eviction notice.  If I weren't so tired, I would get out my markers, colored pencils, paint...........I would even raid my kidlets' crayons and blaze color on the eviction notice in hopes of getting Its attention. 

If I had more energy and maybe a pilots license and a plane, I would sky write my message, "Go Away!!!"  I would tell It to go far far away, maybe Venus where the poisonous gasses could gobble It up.  I would offer It a first class ticket, if I thought It would listen. 

But, no, It seems mighty comfy turning the dial up on my wee girl's thermostat and in my scorching throat.  So, we will ride It out with our zinc, vitamin C, and a little help from a Wall-E movie today.  Hope to come visit you soon, when It takes leave and hopefully, before It finds quarters in Hubby!!

I do want to leave you with something a wee bit fun though.  If you don't already read Pioneer Woman, head over there asap!  It is her four year anniversary blogging and she has giveaways going all week! :>  (Her site keeps crashing this you may want to wait a bit....even though I just said 'asap'.....It has made a mess of my brain and severely shaken up my marble jar!  Thankfully, our movie is waiting and my wee girl & I are going to let Disney take us away for a bit! :>)


  1. I'm sorry to hear you all got sick, but you certainly made an entertaining story out of it!

  2. oh noooooo, hope all of you are feeling better very soon! And that hubby is spared!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  3. Crackers. Sorry to hear you are still fighting the good fight.. Hope it spares the man! xoxo- E.

  4. Hi, Karen! I, too, am dealing with a sore throat! It is no fun! Hope it gets evicted from your house AND mine soon! Feel better! :-)

  5. Hope everyone is feeling better soon! not a great time of year to be ill with summer coming

  6. What a funny piece! Well done! Way to show your "unwanted guest" you've still got moxie!


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