Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Get Your Paint On!

Get your paint on, get your paint on, yea, yea.  Show 'em how you do it now. 

As I was uploading the pics of the kidlets' art, I couldn't get Peaches and Herb's discolicious "Shake Your Groove Thing" out of my head and since its still playing itself over and over and over (so much so that I just had to pull up the whole thing, so that the kidlets could get their groove thing on while I put the pics of them getting their paint on onto the computer!), it just had to work its way into this post! :>
In our backyard, the kidlets went from loud play, to very quiet - a few whispers could be made out, to a space full of giggles.  And that would be my cue to check up on them.  Yup, yup, they were getting their creative on.....they were full of excitement as they were painting...on the picnic table...with mud. 

Before I needed to pull the hose out, I offered them up a more colorful, but just as creative option that I knew they would jump at.  I offered up my dozens of craft acrylic paints and yes, they were thrilled!  My wee girl asks me to paint almost every day...water colors or acrylics, just give that girl a brush, paint & paper and she's a very happy camper.

My boy slathered on the orange, used two whole pours onto the paper plate, palette and then moved on to the other colors he had chosen. 

Turns out he was creating a space ship....see the windows?  The red on the left would be the thrusters and on the bottom is either more thrusters or landing gear.....he had quite an elaborate story to share and I might be missing a detail or two.  I do remember that the green on the top is a video camera though and I have no doubt that his elaborate story was being played out on the big screen in his head.  Now, that's a movie I'd pay to see!

Wee girl had many colors dancing on her canvas right away, but after her big brother's announcement that he was painting a ship, suddenly she was too.  She even made windows for her main ship, "just like brother".  Apparently, they are all ships, except the brown spot on the right side.  She tells me that's a rock. 

Whatever it all may be, I love watching both of them paint.  He focuses so closely, literally, that his nose almost ends up a tool as he leans in close to put down color, just as he wants it.  And as she concentrates, the sweet little tip of her tongue slips out and tells me how totally involved she is in her process.

My favorite moment of this particular kidlet creative session was my son's exclamation to his sister, "Man, we're really artists!"

Mama's side note:  Yes, you both are.  Live with your hearts, live with color, live with play, live with expression, and may you love it.

I hope you all can find time to live with a little creative fun too!  While they were painting, I painted right along side of them and added more paint to the canvas I'm working on.  What creativity is playing in your life right now?

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  1. Oh, sweet sista' of the craft! Way to get your PAINT-ON! These are making my mouth water! {You are SUCH a fantastic mom, sweet Kare!} I'm so delighted that you are sharing your love of COLOR and craft with the sweet ones! You are AWESOME!

  2. Awww! They and you are an inspiration! I love your little man's exclamation...he's so right on! And bravo to you for handing over the acrylic paints. Using the "good" stuff makes a kid's day doesn't it?

  3. I just LOVE kid art! They are always so excited, confident and full of creativity...I'm secretly jealous! Those are the kinds of pieces that got framed and hung on the walls when my boy was a wee one!

  4. Sooooo fun!!!! Thx for sharing the kids' art!!!

  5. Love your kid's paintings!


  6. love these paintings! are you going to frame them? they would look so good!

  7. Oh lovely little masterpieces! They are sooo good! Kid art is cool!

  8. I saw the space ship right away! He did so well!

  9. Hi, Karen! I love that you posted your kids' artwork! Do you remember ever feeling that free to paint and create? No rules? What a gift! Love the stories, too! :-)


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