Saturday, March 27, 2010

Guess who {hearts} blogging friends?!

I do!!! I {heart} all of the fantastic people I have met through blogging! You put a smile on my face, thank you!

Today, I opened my mailbox to Happy Mail and when I saw the return address from Deb Famularo of sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS, I looked for the fastest way into the envelope!

Deb was the winner of my Blog Anniversary giveaway and had a $25 gift certificate to Papertrey Ink to play with...............which she kindly, and CREATIVELY put to use! Deb is an incredibly talented scrapbooker & altered artist and if you haven't visited her before, I highly recommend a visit to see her talents in action! You may want to spend some extra time scrolling down and checking out some older posts, especially all of her Alice in Wonderland creations.....she must have a fabulous muse whispering in her ear. :>

Now, Deb, in her words, "bleeds red & gold" aka she's a die hard San Francisco 49ers fan. Me? I love me some Hawks, Seattle Seahawks, that is!! And we're division rivals...... Oh yea, did I mention Hubby is also cheering on the 49ers everytime they play??!! And I get ribbing from another one of their fans, thanks to my best friend with season tickets.

SO!! For Deb to bandage herself up so as to ensure none of that red & gold leaks out for a moment and craft me a Seahawks card with her fantastic creative flair............well, there has been some serious smiling going on here today!!!

This fabby card is sitting on my mantle reflecting some serious sparkle from the helmet, sparkle on the wings, those precious sequins on the lace, and the blue glitter. Even my son was mighty impressed and ran up for a closer look....did I mention the kidlets love football season?? That my wee daughter has been asking me when is football going to be on?? Every week since the Superbowl??!! :>

Thank you Deb!! Looking forward to sharing next season with you! Definitely grab yourself some creative inspiration and hop on over to visit Deb, say 'Hello' & maybe even throw in a "Go Seahawks!" from me! :>


Random tidbit for the day: I get a random little chuckle everytime I spellcheck an email and 'blogspot' comes up as a misspelling. Google owns gmail AND Blogger, so isn't it only logical that they write 'blogspot' into their spell checker?! Just thought I'd share some of the random places my mind goes........:>


  1. Oh Karen, I did not know this about you. Really? The Seahawks? **sigh** Well, it is certainly better than the Cowgirls, but come on now, how can you NOT love the 9ers? This kind of brings a tear to my eye. I think I still love you. If you notice yourself de-friended on FB, you will know why!!! ROTFL!! ;)

  2. Love that card! Even though it's a "football card", I love that she put feminine elements on it! Too funny about your little daughter. I'm not much of a football fan, but I sure am excited about baseball starting up soon! Go Red Sox!

  3. Omg Karen, you didn't have to show it- you're so sweet, thanks for your nice comments.... AND I notice the damn wings cracked.....CRAP! Those were from my Pink Ninjas kit- ugh, that's too bad! Well, maybe it looks more shabby now! In any case, enjoy it now baby cuz when football starts, you'll never see me making another Seahawks item for you again! lmao

    I will allow you to have one Seahawk on our FF team though, see, I'm not THAT cruel! love u girl, thanks again for the awesome RAK- xOxO GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe

  4. You're so cute! Deb is a lucky duck, that's for sure! What an awesome card! I have, certainly, never seen such a DARLING and girly football themed birthday card! I love it! What terrific inspiration and fun that your two connected! HOW FUN!

  5. BTW, that was really cool that you found that old post from way back when about me bleeding red & gold! I may even forgive you now for telling people to leave a Go Seahawks comment on my Niners blog!!!
    love u!!!

  6. That is too cool! Deb is so awesome!

  7. My husband is a 49er fan too. Odd considering that he has lived in Wisconsin and only in Wisconsin his whole life. Kills him that they don't show the 49ers on TV much. Oh well, doesn't bother me the least. I agree that it is great to have blogging friends.

  8. That is too fun! Blog friends are the best!

  9. Oh Karen, my DH is a die hard 49ers fan living in Phoenix! Great card!

  10. ♥ ya too!! :) im ready for football too :D

  11. why the seahawks? are you from washington? My memory is so horrid...I didn't think you were from washington...anywho's...I'm surrounded by Seahawk fans at work..LOL...what a fabbie RAK....

    Boy, there are a lot of blogging sports fans:)

  12. So fun to get something by snail mail, isn't it? :) Must be so fun to watch a football game in a stadium. Football isn't that popular over here; we're more into soccer, even though there's a local football team.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my card! I'm glad you liked that little birdie. And yes, spring has (finally) arrived. Perfectly in time for the long Easter weekend, yay!! I hope you and the kids have a fun time planting the veggies :)


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