Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Cup of Dye....Delightful Temptation!

Saturday before Easter Sunday, we dyed our 42 eggs, started cleaning up, told the kidlets for the umpteenth time to look with their eyes, not with their hands while the eggs dry, and hubby was about to take the mugs of dye back into the kitchen to dump them out before they too were dyed.

Wait!! No!! I see it!!! I quickly grab a paper towel, folded it into a small square and dipped the corners into four different dyes, unfolded it and let it dry! Isn't gorgeous?! All those bright colors! I just loved it! (The striped shadows on it are from the lattice strips above the table...whoops! didn't think about that when I took the pic! :>) I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I knew I would use it.

Gotta give hubby some credit.....his first question when he looked at it was, "Isn't that going to be bad to scrapbook since it has vinegar in it?" Holey Camole Macarole!!! He listens about this paper crafting obsession of mine!!! I told him that I planned to use it on a card, but wow!, I was definitely impressed!

A handmade flower was calling out to me and then I knew how I wanted to use some of my colorful paper towel! Again, as I mentioned in the egg card post, I cannot free hand cut out shapes. So, I drew some nested circles in MS Word, printed it out, cut them out and used them as templates to trace on different parts of the towel. I then cut out those circles, aligned them, used Taylor's Sticky Tape to adhere the layers together (I had to adhere each individual layer of the two layer paper towel as it started to separate with all the handling it was getting), and made my stem.

The stem and leaves are one piece of grosgrain ribbon simply folded back on itself and again, adhered with that fabulous Sticky Tape! Its like red line tape, but my absolutely favorite part of it is that when you peel off the backing to it (what would be the red film on red line tape), you can just put the backing down on the table!! I know this may sound silly, but that red film on the red line tape has Such static cling!! I can never get it off my fingers!! Sometimes I seriously think its gonna drive me straight to the looney bin!!! :> So, this Sticky Tape is my new best friend. I've had it for quite a long time now and never used it....but no more!

I love how bright, cheerful, and dimensional the flower is and yet, it will still lay flat in an envelope and can easily be mailed. I intend to do this again, but since the Easter supplies are put away, dye re-inkers will do the job!

Cardstock: Stamper's Select White, Raspberry Fizz, New Leaf - PTI
Ribbon: Stash
Other: Paper Towel & Easter egg dye


  1. I like how you worked the flower
    and the combination of colors.

    thanks for visiting my blog and leave a comment.

  2. Oh Karen! You KNOW I love LOVE this! Such lovely bright colors all rolled into one adorable handmade flower. I too looked on in remorse as I dumped the egg dyes down the drain....wish I had had your foresight!

    This card is FAN-tastic!

  3. Hi Karen
    Thank you for the visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.
    Wow how creative is this card I love it! I need to try this such a gorgeous flower!


  4. Love your creations!
    This one is so refreshing!

    The Netherlands

  5. Wow, such vibrant colors!! What a great card.

  6. You are such a wonder with ribbon to begin with, but now paper towel! OMG! That is the cutest darn thing! I want one of those humongous suckers from the fair or a for-real candy store:YUM! I love your inspiration and great sharing, and I especially love that your husband LISTENS to you! He's a doll!

  7. Hi Karen!!! This is sooooo kewl. I must try it with my daughter. I know she would love it.

  8. Awesome idea! I love the effect it had and that flower is too cute!

  9. Hi: Thanks for your really nice comments about my distressed lady in a hat. So kind of you...but talk about thinking outside of the box...well you obviously do it...a lot! I love this, and how you managed to save the dyed water just in time. That's one of the great things about crafting...nothing ever looks the same again and everything has potential! I love this (AND the fact that your husband "hears" what you say...big difference, I think, between 'listening' and 'hearing' what we say). Don't know if you've seen this over at Gina K's but thought I'd share it with you just in case...obviously (your) great minds think a like. ( Enjoy the day!

  10. I LOVE this card. The effect of the dyeing is simply stunning :-) And what a man you´ve got!!! Amazing:-)


  11. That is awesome! I love the colors, and I bet it has a great texture to it as well. Way to think outside the box! ;)

  12. Great colors. Hate to see all that extra dye go to waste...or I would imagine that it does. Our dog doesn't dye Easter eggs just yet :)

  13. How very clever and resourceful of you to use up the dye and then make such a fun project with it.

    I'm impressed with your hubby asking about the acidity. I guess maybe men really do pay attention sometimes!

  14. wow, you are so creative, it's gorgeous!

  15. Hi! It's a beautiful flower.
    I like your creations, and your first-rate stamps.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leave a comment.
    Have a nice day!

  16. Karen what an awesome idea!! and the card looks fabulous so happy and cheery!!

  17. You are very crafty! Wonderful blog. :)

  18. Hello ...!! Thank you for visiting my blog .. it's good that you liked the boxes, I like decoration,
    I liked your work a lot, tiens a nice blog.

  19. this is beautiful! Great thinking! Smart hubby, too!

  20. Karen, this card is awesome! I love the bright colors. You are so creative.


  21. I love it when inspiration strikes like that! Quick thinking on your part. You got to play when the kids were done. How fun is that?
    oooxxx Zinnia

  22. Very cool! I love the color combo!

  23. Darn...we washed all our die down the sink! On the bright side, my sink looked really pretty for about 10 seconds! I love the idea and the colors on this card!

  24. Wow! What a great idea! Your flower is so fun and colorful; I love it!

  25. This is so pretty. I LOVE it. I am a huge flower fan so when I see this I just jump up and down..LOL. Great tutorial. TFS


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