Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shine a light on { Yellow }

Mama’s Losin’ It
I'm coloring my day with Mama Kat's prompt number two, brought to us by the color Yellow!

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Yellow shines light, energy, and warmth, quite literally, from the sun above to the earth below.

Yellow is one of those happy colors and since we're talking color, I think we all need to see it!
Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Let's start with this fresh happy bit!

And use some to make yourself...

...citrus scrub with it...

...or some spray to wake up a room.

Yellow colors my daughter's "Wish Flowers"...


...and draws her in to pluck a fistful & bring her Mama happy yellow bouquets.

For some bigger smile worthy flowers...

...sunflowers will do.

And if you want to keep getting your Happy Yellow on...

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

...just follow, follow the yellow brick road... car needed, just a bounce in your step...

...though a yellow bug is mighty cute! It wasn't these four wheels, but back in the day, I hear my hubs drove a yellow Super Beetle, round windshield and all.

When winding your way, gettin' your yellow on...

Source: via Karen on Pinterest out for those rubber duckies...

...and the real ones too.

May you find bits and pieces of yellow tucked in and around your day.

What does yellow say to you?

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  1. Very yellow, very cute. I see another Pinterest addict :)

  2. Yellow is definitely a warm, cheerful color which is why I chose it for my blog background for the summer. Summer makes me happy!

    When I wanted to brighten up our den shortly after we moved in, I painted it bright yellow!

    Stopping by from Writer's Workshop.

  3. yellow screams happy to me...thanks for sharing and making my day:)

  4. Just looking at those pictures made me feel a little lighter inside. Especially the VW beetle!

  5. SUPER cute! Yay for Pinterest!!!

    Visiting from Mama Kat's.

  6. Such bright happy pics to brighten my day. Thanks!

  7. I love this post! Yellow is such a vibrant and energetic colour. I love the photos you chose.

  8. Beautiful photos...and yellow brings light. I love light!

  9. Stopping by from Bees w Honey.
    Love the photos. And have been inspired to make limoncello - which yellow always reminds me of.


  10. I love all of your yellow pictures! Yellow makes me think of happy :)

  11. I love yellow! It makes me think happy thoughts. The lemon makes me feel refreshed. The sunflower reminds me of summer days. And those ducklings are the cutest things! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, but only in recent years, it's such a happy color! Needless to say, I adore sunflowers and rubber duckies :)

  13. This post definitely brought a smile to my face. Loved it and all the pictures of yellow.

  14. Yellow says HAPPY at the top of its lungs! It's a perfect color to describe YOU!


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