Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My gift to her, her gift to me.

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My girl was born with something that didn't come from me...the shopping gene. She loves it. Thankfully, shopping can be Target for trash bags or Costco for toilet paper and coffee or Whole Foods for her brother's gluten & casein free needs.

But, sometimes, it is nice to treat your shopping buddy, the one who keeps you motivated through all those shopping trips to make sure your other kidlet doesn't feel like he's missing out when his foods are often different from the kids he goes to school with.  She asks, is it organic? Is it gluten free?  Does that have casein?  Can my brother have it?  Sometimes it's her turn.

When we left that morning, the marine layer was in and it was chilly out...hence the jeans & long sleeves in June.

We started at Michael's craft store with no purpose in mind other than a look-see.  And would you believe it?  We left with nothing.  Not a thing!

Next, we headed to Border's for a new, brightly colored book.  She left with two.

As we left Border's, my feet turned right and marched over to Aaron Brother's.

Once inside, I headed for the Liquitex paint and as we approached the aisle, my girl tugged on my arm, "Mama, look!"  She promptly asked me for what she had gasped at.  I promptly said, "No."

I took a second look.  She was gasping over a butterfly, just waiting to be painted.  Oh how she loves to paint!  She'll do almost anything to be able to spend a morning painting.  I looked at her face and then looked again and saw the 50% off Clearance sign and though her treat was to simply be her new books, I couldn't deny her the joy of a new butterfly to paint when we got home.

As we made the drive home, she very quickly passed out in the obscenely hot car, with her all too warm clothes on.  She was practically falling out of her seat, but she never let go of her new paintable treasure.

I took her out for a treat, for a little gift to give to her.  But, in the end, she was the one to give me a gift.  She says, "We're the Mother-Daughter Team."  I reply, "You. And. Me."  Yes, she's definitely a gift.

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  1. Popped in from SITS! You're such a sweet mom, and how wonderful she's so artistic!

  2. Aw, your daughter sounds like a sweetheart looking after her little brother like that. It warms my heart when kids show love. I loved the photo. Many a times, my girls pass out in their car seats from pure exhaustion! Too cute.

  3. Thank is so cute! I love the picture of your daughter. And thank you for stopping by my blog! i really appreciate all your comments.

  4. So sweet! I feel like my son is my little buddy too-he's almost favorite is when he hugs me and says 'my special cute mommy'.

  5. I love the long day/car ride pass outs. Adorable little story, sweet little girl.
    Let's Bee Friends Hop

  6. This post reminds me so much of spending time with my 4 year old daughter. I love running errands with her.

  7. So cute! I love when they fall asleep in totally odd positions like that! Sounds like a great shopping trip.

    (Stopping by from the Let's Bee Friends blog hop.)

  8. Aw, you're such a good mom! That's so cute, her clutching onto her butterfly while asleep :)

    Stopping by from Bees With Honey.

  9. So adorable! I love that she looks out for her brother like that... she'll be his biggest protector, I bet. :)

    **popping by from Bees with Honey!

  10. And WHAT a wonderful team you two make - SPECTACULAR! {You're BABY is getting SO big! Yipes!}


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