Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken

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I'm pretty lucky.  Hubs is known to get creative in the kitchen and one random evening, he came up with this.  Baked bacon wrapped chicken breasts, stuffed with artichoke hearts and roasted red bell peppers.  Yum.

We were treated to his creative bit with what the kidlets call "Yummy Rice" (brown rice cooked in chicken stock with fresh garlic) and roasted broccoli.  And like all of our family dinners, it's GFCF (gluten & casein free).  Delish.

Hope you're having a smile worthy day! :>

Angry Julie Monday


  1. I want to say Yum but I don't eat meat. My husband does, so I am sure he would love this. So I am saying yum on his behalf! :)

  2. YUMMY, indeed! I'm ready to raid the fridge! Sadly, THIS delicious creation will NOT be there! - SURE hope you guys devoured every bite! xoxo!

  3. I was ready to rush to the store and get the ingredients for this as soon as I saw it, but it is just too darn HOT.

  4. Can your hubby teach me and my hubby how to cook? LOL That looks and sounds absolutely yummy!


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