Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#iPPP ~ Bird Ribbons

We see these small birds every year, sometime in November or December, scavenging the remains of the harvested vineyards.  The way they fly together and abruptly change directions make it look like there are ribbons dancing across the skies.

 Bird Wave Ribbons

Last year, my brother snapped a couple pics on his iPhone to show me.....because he thought they were bats.  Nope.  Tiny little birds, flocking together.

Birds Flock Together

I'm usually behind the wheel, driving when I see them and have never been able to take a photo, so I was stoked that he did.  Aren't they cool?  Their movement drops my jaw in awe, every year, every time.

Taming Insanity


  1. Those are serious awesome photos. I love when birds do that but I've never seen it photographed.

  2. It's like they are forming little arrows saying, "follow us here"

  3. I've seen birds do that too but you make it sound so much more elegant than I ever could have phrased it. Great photos!

  4. So INCREDIBLE! Thank you TO both you and your brother, for the great capture and share!

  5. I love these types of bird sightings. Mother Nature does some beautiful things, doesn't she?

  6. Those are excellent shots. You really get a sense of the moment.


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