Monday, December 5, 2011

Infusing some December Daily into my days with Her Lost Tooth

Turning on her light, she barely stirred more than a deep breath inhaled.  Other than her hair streaming out, I could see nothing beyond her two colorful quilts, made with love by a grandmother and an auntie, covering her small body.

“I wonder if the Tooth Fairy came?” I mused.

Fast as a cork released, she popped up from her cherry red framed twin bed.  Taking no more than a second to steady herself, she ran down the hall to the blanket folded into a pillow left on the table next to the front door.  The tradition began with her big brother and his first lost tooth.  It was only logical to leave the pillow near the door to make the exchange easy for the welcomed Tooth Fairy.

Not my first rodeo, I had my camera already in hand, turned on, ready to capture her expression as she saw the lump in the blanket pillow.  Already smiling, she rapidly progressed to squealing with delight as she pulled out a present from the fairy who had taken her first lost tooth and left behind a small toy.  In the low light she saw the small Lemon Meringue figure from the Strawberry Shortcake bunch, a tiny comb, itty bitty hair clip, and a long hot pink hair extension.

I might have held a piece of technology in my hand, meant to capture moments in a flash, but the best moment captured was her pure joy burning a place in my heart.  The pictures will record the gap in her mouth, the jammies she wore, her hair pulled back, but my heart will hold her bubbling delight in its treasures.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
I've already shared my excitement for the creative bonanza that is Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of Christmas, but the other creative infusion I get at this time of year is from Ali Edwards' December Daily album.

I've always wanted to create one, in real time, throughout the month of December.  Without a photo printer at home, I've never been able to make the project function for me (same reason I've struggled with Project Life, but I'm toying with some ideas for next year and will get back to you on that! :>).

But, no more excuses!  Whether I jump in and get a December Daily album put together or not, I'm not going to let 2011's December memories fall into the blurred oblivion of one Christmas season fading into the next.  To ensure that, I've been writing a single story (or journaling it, if you're coming from a scrapbooking perspective) to etch the day into our family's preserved memories.

And I thought I'd share today's with you!

How do you preserve your memories?


  1. Yeah! I remember your DH asking her if her tooth was loose when I was visiting. And thank you for using something made from my heart for such a special moment!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww! What a darling recollection - it's a verbal scrap page, Kare! LOVE it! Love YOU! Congrats to the week girl - the essence of her joy has been shared with the MOST lovely style!

  3. Wow! They grow up so fast! Glad you captured the moment. :)

  4. Great description of a perfect moment in time :)

  5. Lovely. You froze a golden moment in time. Beautifully done. I especially liked: "The pictures will record the gap in her mouth, the jammies she wore, her hair pulled back, but my heart will hold her bubbling delight in its treasures." -Amy a/k/a HonestConvoGal from WOE

  6. Gorgeous! Your last line SO nailed serve more to remind of the way I felt in that moment than what it looked like. And they still bring a lump to my throat sometimes.

    Beautiful post, and brilliant idea about the pillow by the door. Smart woman! :-)


  7. SO sweet. I can just picture the gapped tooth smile of joy!


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