Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Music

It's been awhile since I last updated my Christmas music - awhile, as in everything was on CDs.  Now, while I do love some of those CDs - Il Divo: The Christmas Collection, Sarah McLachlan: Wintersong, and Josh Groban: Noel - they're a few years old and it's time to update!

And these are the directions I headed in:

Admittedly, I came to the Glee party nearly a season late (gasp!). But oh my, I haven't been able to get enough since climbing on board Glee Train.  Naturally, I had to check out their first Glee Christmas album from last year!

And while I was getting my holiday Glee on, I had to go shopping for the Glee Christmas Album Volume 2 - of course!  Mercedes' (Amber Riley) All I Want for Christmas is so lively it's perfect for when the To Do list starts to get overwhelming. :>

I adore listening to this guy!  Michel Bublé sings his snazzy Christmas album as only he can and we love it.  My girl's favorite on there right now, is his Jingle Bells with The Puppini Sisters - so fun!

What are you listening to this holiday season?  I've been updating my whole music library, so if Christmas music isn't a holiday you celebrate or simply isn't singing it's notes to you, what are you listening to?  Any new favorites?

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I purchased the music myself, this post is not sponsored, and there are affiliate links included.


  1. I never climbed on that Glee train. I think I only saw one episode when it first came out. Just no time for TV, except what the hubs records and watches off the DVR: 30 Rock, The Office, Modern Family.

    I clicked on your Michael Buble / Puppini Sisters link to hear the music sample. Love it!

  2. I have a huge music collection and love all genres. But this year (as well as last year) I am LOVING the Glee soundtracks! So much fun! The Carpenters are always my favorite as well as Charlie Brown Christmas.

    Hope you're having the best holiday season!
    Cheers to all things merry and bright!

  3. I never hopped aboard the Glee Train. I keep trying to, but I just can't get into it. I LOVE Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra and Elvis and Bing Crosby to name a few. Merry Christmas!

  4. I have a bad habit of only buying the classics. Which I then lose when I switch computers and have to buy them all over again. iTunes owns me.

  5. I think the Michael Buble album sounds great. I think I might download a few of his songs this year. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. I love listening to the old songs. I am not sure I am ready for new ones.

  7. i have been listening to the same stuff for YEARS!! its still great though i only listen to it for about a month! LOL. i just read the door bell rang. good stuff g!!

  8. My Christmas music listening time has been pitiful this year! I am so dissappointed in me...but YOU, have done a fine job of keeping it current. Thanks for the great suggestions!

  9. You are so adorable - WHAT great shares! {I *heart* Michael Buble - I should GET that!} I still wear out the Elf soundtrack, the old JUDDS Christmas album and of couse - Peanuts Christmas. My ALL time faves! Fa la la la la!


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