Friday, November 18, 2011

Road Trip: Aunt Julie & Sara

Leaving the Bay and San Francisco’s June Gloom behind us, Sara fussed with the rented Prius’ radio, before finding my favorite station that I was wise enough to preset.

“You’ve got good taste in music, kid.”

It didn’t seem to matter whether we listened to music from my youth or what’s current now, we enjoyed both. Thank goodness. Nothing kills a road trip faster than different tastes in music in the same small car.

“So, we’ve got our requisite tourist stops: Disneyland, Venice, and the Chinese Theater. Oh, and the beach. Anything else you want to make sure we hit this week?”

“The County Museum of Art?  And I know we’re doing Disney, but can we also spend a day at Universal Studios? I’ve never been.”

“Now that is why you are so much fun to hang with, Sara. A local art museum and a theme park. Gotta hand it to you for enjoying opposite ends of the spectrum.”

“Ah, Aunt Julie, you know I aim to please!”  Her sarcasm nearly lost stifling a snicker.

Though she technically was one now, she’d always been like a little adult.  I was happy to play the role of ‘cool aunt’, but Sara was more like a little sister to me. I wanted to protect her as much as I wanted to ride a roller coaster with her - our arms high in the air, screaming the whole way ‘round.

Florence + The Machine began pumping out music with the voice that could sing an insurance claim and still wrap notes around us. Our hands collided reaching out to crank the volume up as we sang along with Florence while the pavement rolled under us.

Write On Edge: Red-Writing-HoodIt's time for Write on Edge's Red Writing Hood prompt!  This week we're taking our fictional characters out for a spin, or more specifically, a road trip.

I've grabbed my main character, Julianne, from my #NaNoWriMo writing and her niece for this trip!


  1. I think that everyone wishes at one time or another that we had a cool aunt like that!

    Is this part of your novel for NaNoWriMo or did you just use the characters from your novel?

  2. YOU are SUCH a tease! {Tee Hee} THIS is wonderful! I'm ready to strap in for the ride! xoxo!

  3. Really an excellent moment - I love the way they both reach for the radio at the same time! Excellent characters... In terms of concrit, I did have to read it twice, because of the unattributed dialogue at the beginning - i didn't quite get who was the aunt and who was the niece-now adult. Overall, I completely heart!

  4. what a RIDE!!!! I enjoyed every word. I actually am a "Cool aunt" to my nieces on John's side..and I adore when we find a song we all like, shoes we'd all wear, road trips we would all take.
    I just loved the freedom and innocence that rode along with ever word. :)

  5. Excellent!! I especially like the hands colliding to get to the volume - such a real moment!

  6. Brilliantly written and oh I've so been there: 'Nothing kills a road trip faster than different tastes in music in the same small car.'. :)

  7. I have a fun aunt! I loved reading this. The last line, especially, really brought me into the car with them and made me want to see more of them :)

  8. Okay, I LOVE "the voice that could sing an insurance claim and still wrap notes around us!" A great description, and totally true of Florence!

    And I like the dynamic of a younger aunt as both protector and companion.

  9. ACK!! you are so stinkin awesome Karen. such a story teller. LOVE that!


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