Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#iPPP - Who's Tower Is It?

Give my brother a couple of free airline tickets and he's off...most recently, to Chicago.  He emailed me a pic that he took with his iPhone of the Water Tower.

Actually, he emailed his niece, my daughter, the picture because it reminded him of Rapunzel's tower from the movie Tangled.

Water Tower Chicago copy

She looked at it. Turned her head to the side a bit. And I asked her if it looked her current favorite princess' tower.

She shook her head.

She's an incredibly specific child.

Water Tower in Chicago

I turned it upside down, so it would be fat at the top, skinny on the bottom - like Rapunzel's tower - to see if that helped.

Still shaking her head. She disappeared for a minute and came back carrying the movie cover to school her ol' Mom on what Rapunzel's tower really looks like. When school was over, she told me it's not the tower, but she still liked it.

Truthfully, I think she'd like anything from her favorite uncle!

Taming Insanity
Though I finally have my own fancy schmancy smartphone, I couldn't resist sharing the imaginations of a fun loving uncle and his niece...and it was actually taken with an iPhone making it a perfect chance to finally link up with #iPPP for the first time! :>

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  1. That's a great shot. The old building stands in such contrast to the modern skyscraper behind it.

  2. YAY! A snapshot back to my "home town"!

  3. I do appreciate that she corrected you. Perhaps you have a mini-architect on your hands.

  4. Okay, now! You should apply for a commission arrangement with iphone! I REALLY, REALLY want one now! The back and forth with your bro and wee-lady is too adorable! Great share!

  5. How sweet is it that your brother sent this to his niece? So sweet.

  6. How sweet of your brother to even think of her that way while on vacation:) No wonder he's a favourite uncle!

  7. Aw! How sweet that your brother thought to send the picture to her.

  8. Despite the brilliant iPhone photo prowess of your lil bro, there is no getting one over on a sweet little princess who knows her princess trivia! Great share!


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