Thursday, November 10, 2011

Infuse a little phone fun into a fall day!

On Tuesday, the Unexpected happened to me.  And it was determined that I needed a new phone...stat!  So, after purchasing all new tires (my wallet is still protesting), I promptly got a new phone.

And while some peeps suggested an iPhone, I ended up walking out the door with a Samsung Infuse 4G.  So far, I'm lovin' it!  My cell & cell use was very old school and admittedly, I still refuse to pay for a texting plan.  So, I still don't text.  But, having the net at my fingertips, anytime?  Now, that I dig.

And this morning, I'm hopping on the Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop train, in the Autumn in Your Neck of the Woods car.  It was the perfect excuse to check out my new phone's camera!  Come aboard now, won't you?

Changing Ivy 

Grape Leaf Drive By

Drive By Fall 


I had a lovely trip playing with my new phone and in Flickr's Picnik when I got home.

And yes, I did stay in my car, er, um, train car for this trip.  39 degrees out while wearing a tshirt and Hub's hoodie meant you couldn't pry me away from the heater that I had blowing as the windows were down!

Hope your day is just as colorful!

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. Great pictures! The building one made me smile. And although I love my iPhone, I love hearing about people who have chosen differently (and love their choice just as much).

  2. I love the colorful vines on that building! So gorgeous!

    Your phone camera took really good pictures. I'm jealous!

  3. Yay! New phone! and great photos to capture this special place we live in! Happy thursday!

  4. I got a new camera this summer and was amazed by how good the camera is compared to my old phone. Or to my first point & shoot digital camera even! Love that first shot.

  5. Not bad at all! My phone camera takes lousy photos! Fall in your neighbourhood is very pretty!

  6. I love your pictures! I have an android phone, and love the photo app vignette. You might want to check it out. Also the snapbucket app is pretty fun. :) Enjoy your new toy!

  7. I'm soooo jealous of everyone who gets to experience pretty fall colors! We have one season in Florida: hot. :(

    Awesome pics!

  8. OMG! You are SO fun! I have been having phone issues like CRAZY! I'm so impressed that you just bit the bullet! THOSE picts are amazing! Can hardly wait to enter the world of SMART phone, one of these days! What a great share, Kare!!!

  9. Beautiful pics! Must be a good phone :) I so want an iphone but data plans are too expensive and I doubt I really need it anyways.

    I'm aiming for an ipad now. For Christmas!

  10. Popping in from weekend linky.
    The pics are gorgeous - especially the first one!

  11. Love the pics! Thanks for brightening my day!

  12. Lovely pics. I'm hopping for Write on Edge. I got a smartphone too -- my first. I've only had mine two days. LOL

    I posted on my blog yesterday about a NaNoWriMo cash prize contest, not offiliated with a sponsor, but still cool.

    Also, paranormal nonfiction author Pamela K. Kinney guest blogged today about ghosts/hauntings. And earlier this week I wrote about my haunted trip to The Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia. There should be something for everyone worth reading. Nice to meet you!

    Hop on by.


  13. Great pictures! My phone is probably due to explode any day now, and I am sad about that, because the camera is wonderful. It's good to know that there is another phone camera that takes such great pics.


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