Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Java Affair

I'm playing writing along with Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop today & since I took a bit of an unintentional blogging break, I thought the prompt:  A list of 10 reasons you do or do not drink coffee, was pretty perfect to jumpstart a post!

As a teen, when friends were first finding their java love (or working on their Joe Cool factor) and I wanted nothing to do with it (I thought coffee tasted like battery acid), they told me, "You'll get into it in college." 

In college, working full time and carrying a full load of classes, I was asked, "Why don't you like coffee?" and "You don't like coffee?!?!" that included a 'you're crazy' look burned in my direction.  Eventually, calm would return & they would shrug and say, "I'm sure you'll grow to like it."

After college, more people told me with all knowing glances, "You'll appreciate java after you have kids."

I had a kidlet.  Still thought coffee tasted like battery acid.  I was sticking to my Diet Dr.Peppers.

A few years later, I had another kidlet.

And after my second kidlet was a year old and some friends were making a Starbucks run, I finally asked how I could have some java and actually like it (without it being like dessert! know those coffee drinks, right?! or tasting like said battery acid).

She recommended a nonfat, sugar free vanilla latte.

And a new affair with java began.

And to keep in line with the actual writing prompt, "A list of 10 reasons you do or do not drink coffee.", here we go:

1)  I have not successfully found a way to transfer kidlets excess of energy to myself.

2)  I have two energetic kidlets and....see #1.

3)  Liquid Stevia, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and unsweetened coconut milk have become my friends.

4)  Husband's uber strong black Folger's coffee (which he makes a full pot of in the morning before I'm up & I drink the leftovers...but, not usually until about noon, ice water rocks my boat before that.  I know, I'm weird like that.) has made exceptionally good friends with my new friends.  See #3.

5)  On cold days, a hot cuppa java warms the icicle appendages extending from my hands.

6)  I no longer feel socially inept when the java lingo starts buzzing around me (though I still have no idea what some of those java requests are once they get more than ten names to a drink).

7)  Iced coffee made at home with a little nonfat milk & Splenda can make me mighty happy on a hot afternoon.

8)  Coffee is more readily available than a preferred carbonated beverage as we do not wake sleeping husband without the promise of morning coffee.

9)  Did I mention the super energetic kidlets?

10)  Might I remind you again, of Reason #1.  But, if you have figured out how to do that, please do share!

Mama's Losin' It

I still can't drink black coffee (due to that battery acid taste and all), but ever so thankful for ingredients that like to go for a swim in there.  Oh yea, and Dana, thank you for helping me meet Java halfway across that tasty hot cuppa bridge!

So, are you a java drinker?  Or is tea, chai, soda, or water more your style?


  1. ;-) Yes...transferring of Kiddo energy would be NICE!
    And do you not just LOVE almond milk?!?!?!?!

  2. hi karen! so good to see you back! not a java drinker here and i realized last week why... makes my mouth feel completely dried out! my elixir of choice... a tall chai all soy, no water, please! yum, yum, yummy!

  3. Coffee, half and half and turbinado sugar here!

  4. Don't give up on vanilla lattes! They give me reason to live, as do the seasonal pumpkin spice lattes available now at a Starbucks near you.
    Sorry does that sound too spammy, I'm not even a Starbuck Co fan. But I love my pumpkin and vanilla lattes.

  5. you are so funny!!!!! you need to try the gingerbread latte at starbucks- my FAVE and I'm addicted! I don't drink black coffee either- but the stronger the coffee... the better!

  6. Hey you...I'm a slight coffee drinker:) I can chug down...uh...8's horrible...I WISH I could drink it black {less calories}...haha...I live in washington so my starbucks beverage of choice is a grande soy latte:)

  7. Hi Gorgeous!

    I have been a coffeholic for as long as I can remember...can't help it it runs in my family!

    When I was a young teenager I would go to the corner coffee shop and sit an hour or two with my mother and do nothing but drink coffee...completely weired!

    Up until a couple of years ago I would doctor up my coffee with vanilla creamer. Now I drink it straight and the stronger the better. Thank goodness I have a stomach of steel.

    Unfortunately, I'm immune to the effects of coffee and don't enjoy an ounce of extra energy from consuming ridiculous amounts of it!

    Welcome back Sweet's hoping you find some energy for your active kidlets. Enjoy your day and thank you for stopping by, it's always a pleasure to have a visit from you!


  8. I can't drink black coffee either and have a love for mochas! So funny,I just wrote about my Starbucks guilty pleasure over at Cup of Creativi-tea!

  9. I only started drinking coffee 2 years ago...and more now in the last few months. I only have one cup a day...and calling it coffee is an exaggeration. I drink more coffee flavored skim milk with a sweet and low. Sad...

  10. Ooh,good ol' black (aka battery acid) coffee is the best! None of that sweet, cold stuff for me!!! Although I do enjoy french vanilla once in a while...

  11. ummmm...I think you know my drink of choice! ;) ALthough, must confess I switched to cappucino, no sugar in ITaly....becasue I paired it with sweet pastries!!! bwah ha ha ha! I raise my homemade cuppa j to you this morning!


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