Thursday, November 25, 2010

{Thanks}giving Autumn Love

We are celebrating Thanksgiving today, in the U.S. and I want to wish you a fantastic one!

And as we are extremely grateful for our beautiful surroundings, I thought I might take this chance to share a little autumnal love before we usher in winter and the Christmas season!

'Our Tree'

We have so enjoyed watching this tree on its autumn journey!!  For quite some time, half the tree was a vibrant green, while the other half turned a gorgeous crimson red. 

The contrast was so striking and caught our breath every time we passed it.  After several breathless moments on our almost daily country drives, the kidlets & I came to call this beauty, 'Our Tree'.


'Our Tree' deserved a little up close love as we checked out the variation in colors.  It looked like a fantastic fiesta as we got closer.

Favorite Fall Glimpse

And this, this small moment on one of our many country drive routes, had me smiling from ear to ear, each and every time.  From burgundy to deep reds to shades of crimson, rust, orange flames to gorgeous golds and even a couple summer green holdouts, I breathed autumn in deeply each time we passed by.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate and whether or not this is your holiday, may your day bring you joy and the spirit of gratitude!


  1. happy thanksgiving, karen! thanks so much for sharing "your tree"! what a beauty!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! "Your" Tree is just beautiful.

  3. THESE are ... AWARD WINNING shot, Miss Kare! I'm gasping with delight! God's craftiness and your talented photography at it's best! Yeahooooo, darlin!

    YES, please! Hope we can squeeze in some phone catch up this week, dolly doll! Love you!

  4. wow, those trees are gorgeous. I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! It was mellow here too- JJ worked and the kids and I watched football! Speaking of, our FF team ain't doing so great- ugh! Oh well... I'm grateful for you and the fact we got together and played this year!! It was fun!!!!! xOxO

  5. Oh I love that 3rd picture. It is stunning!

  6. wow! Those photos are beautiful!! I wish trees in Southern California looked like that!!

    I have an award for you on my blog =]

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, my virtual friend! Will you be watching the game tonight? And will you be cheering for "the" team?! Come on, you have to like them more than some team with a bird name...


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