Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You can Always spot a Mom when....

.....she's wearing a Dora bandaid on her leg and a Batman bandaid on her finger! I was stamping away tonight and looked down and realized that I'm a kiddie character billboard!!

I am working on a few projects right now, one of them being the kids' Easter cards. Unfortunately, I did not follow the advice I quietly gave myself (several times over) about only working on them at night. Since my daughter now has my former houseguest (aka..nasty cold), she was busy watching a 'kid show' right in front of me and so I thought I'd cut and glue a couple of items down while her attention was elsewhere. Well, I should have known better!! She always wants to know what I'm doing the second she hers my SU cutter slicing! Boom!! She's right there and I'm warning her to back up a little and protect her cute little nose! Once I had finished slicing up my papers, she went back to answering Super Why's question on her show. I thought if I was quiet, I could glue those pieces down. Well, um......ooops! is about all I can say when she turns around and gasps, "An Easter egg???!!!" Actually, 'ooops' isn't quite what came out...more like, "Don't look!!! You're not supposed to see it!!" What happened to my Mama wit?! Where on Earth did it go? You know, those witty comments that Mamas make when their kids ask questions.......I had none...zero, zip, nada.....simply, "Don't look!" I typically do not like to have caffiene first thing in the morning. I prefer to wait until I've had a few glasses of water. I may just have to change that though if my Mama wit doesn't come back soon! :>


  1. Ahh, yes, I remember those days...now I my curious little one has turned into a teenager, and I could make a card right under his nose, and he would never notice! Happy Easter, Karen!

  2. Too cute- now I need to hear what she did. If i said "don't look" to my teenagers they'd rush over before i could hide anything from them.
    Happy Easter. Enjoy your family fun together and I bet the card is cute

  3. You're so funny, Kare! I love it that you TRIED! Eventually, they might not pay much attention at all... I said, "EVENTUALLY!" tee hee (Pretty soon, the little girl will be doing the same to you! "Don't look, Mommy!") BTW: I say "go for the coffee"! It makes for GREAT wit! Hilarious, even!

  4. You know better than to craft around V! Hopefully you didn't blow cover for the guy with the long ears? Good job getting these done before the night before (like I probably will!) and I hope we get to see? Off to get my coffee....

  5. So funny! I ran out of time and had to take my 13-YO shopping for Easter candy with me at 10:00 on Saturday night. Yep, I'm mother of the year.

    BTW, I left an award for you on my blog. http://insteadoflaundry.blogspot.com


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