Friday, April 3, 2009

An Unwanted 'Houseguest' vs. Craft Time

Unfortunately, I've gotten hit at the very end of this cold and flu season with the third bug in a row. Hopefully though, the third times the charm and when this bug vacates, I can stay healthy for awhile!! Fortunately, this not so welcome houseguest of a virus is starting to pack its bags in preparation for what I'm hoping is a timely departure and I was able to craft a simple little card!

I somewhat recently bought myself a Scor-Pal for my birthday, but have not used it for anything other than scoring cards to fold. While I bought it to make pretty boxes, my "houseguest" just was not going to give in and say, "Adios!" or "Au revoir!" quite yet, so I settled for trying something new (to me) and using it to make some decorative scoring marks. The effect is subtle, but I like it. For me though, the best part about this card, is simply having the energy to make it! YAY!!!

Cardstock: Plum Pudding, Raspberry Fizz, Stampers Select White - PTI
Ink: Raspberry Fizz - PTI
Stamps: Life - PTI
Bling: Bling it On - Lisa Bearnson
Other: Spica Glitter Pens (pink & purple) - Copic (inside of card)


  1. Sorry you have been sick so much! I have been pretty healthy this year (knock on wood) but last year I was sick for 3 months and was in the hospital 3 times because of bronchitis, mono, strep, etc. So I know your pain!

    This is such a great CAS card. I like your two scored lines and the row of embellishments.

    I have been scanning through your other cards and I really like your style. I will be bookmarking your blog and checking back again.

  2. Hey Karen, sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Hope your uninvited guest takes a hike soon.

    I love your card, and great job with the scorpal. I've actually been thinking of getting one myself.


  3. What a lovely card! Love the bling dots and scored lines!

  4. Hope you're on the mend now...being sick is no fun!
    I love your card and how you used the scoring as a decorative touch--I'm hoping to get a Scorpal in the near future.

  5. yay you! Scor pal for your birthday. I have been talking myself out of that for a while. I hope I get to see yours in person soon :) I love your card and admire your ability to let your white space BE...I have a hard time with that and this is great inspiration! Can't wait to see what else you come up with using your scor pal and the Life set.

  6. What a great card! I like the clean lines and bright colors. The Scor-Pal looks cool, thanks for sharing.

  7. Nice card Karen. I am glad to hear you are feeling better.

  8. i LOVE this Karen!
    i have a score pal too. and i cant believe i waited so long to get it.
    thanks for your comments on my blog
    my order is D.O.N.E!
    it came along quite well. I doubt i do anything like that again atleast for a a while.

  9. I just love this card!! I don't know that i have seen such a beautifully simple card before! So elegant! Feel better.

  10. You are the queen of elegant card-making! Beautiful!

  11. Love the scored lines on your card. It is simple and beautiful. Nice work. Hope you are feeling much better by now.

  12. Thank you so much for your comments on my blog! They are so sweet! I´ve just talked to the insurence guy, and they are prepearing to rip out my floor.... Great stuff!!!!! NOT

    I must say your cards are like a breath of fresh air. I´ve got nothing against Magnolia and such...but sometimes less is more!!!

    I also love the butterflies you punched out. I´ve got a box full of stuff I´ve cut out of magazines. I haven´t used any of it yet, but some day I will!!!


  13. A wonderfully elegant card Karen.
    So sorry to hear you've been poorly, and I hope you are feeling better soon,
    Love Sarita xx


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