Saturday, January 7, 2012

Worth the Click: Plugging back in for blogosphere great goodness!

So, guess what marched its nasty ol' self into our home just after Christmas?

Mr. Stomach Bug

I'm rather sure I never painted a 'Welcome' sign, never sent out invitations, never lit the way.  Yet, it's marched through multiple generations and the only person who was left standing was my husband.

Thankfully, while that pesky li'l bugger's shadows are still haunting, just a touch, it's making it's travel preparations to leave long as said husband keeps using his magic Stay Away powers, avoiding it.

But, I didn't invite you to join me here for stomach bug tales o' woe.  I thought you might like to check out some rockin' awesome places I've been visiting in the blogosphere over the last twenty-four hours as I plug back in.

Elsie shares her Bike Love, but really, I'm feeling the purple boot love.

And while visiting Elsie's A Beautiful Mess, I cannot help but get excited about her new Art Journal All Year e-course.  I haven't committed to this creative course...yet.  But, it sure does sound tempting.

Grab a cuppa and spend some time checking out the SITS Girls new look.

Ali Edwards put together a video tutorial for Printing Two 3x4 Images on a 4x6 - great for all kinds of uses, but also specifically for people who use Project Life.

I love the idea of monthly inspiration bulletin boards!  And Kal Barteski is sharing hers for January on [i] Love Life.

Sunday's beyond exciting news that took 8 years, 11 months, 10 days to be able to say!

Alisa Burke has made some delish looking gluten/dairy free pumpkin muffins that make me want to riffle through my cupboards and get baking.

While photo a day challenges have been perking my interest for the last several years, this is not one I've dived into this year.  But, for those that have & in case I ever do, Angry Julie's got How to Organize Project 365 & Stay Sane.

So many great goodies throughout the blogosphere this first week of Twenty Twelve off, don't you think?

May our uninvited guest finish packing its bags and exit with speed.

May Mr. Stomach Bug stay far away from your doorstep.

May you enjoy this round of Worth the Click as much as I have, clickin' my way through the goodness!

Linking up:  It's Monday and I'm being "Miss Elaine-ous" over at The Miss Elaine-ous Life - join the fun!


  1. Great recommendations, thanks for compiling them here in one post. I started Project 365 for the first time and just realized I need to take a photo for today. Who knew you'd be giving reminders, too! Great to meet you.

  2. Great reminders of fun places to visit! Thanks for hooking us up!

  3. I'll have to check out the photo 365 page, I've been wanting to do that. Hope the stomach bug stays away.

  4. I'm doing the daily photos through the Project 365 app on my phone, it's the best I can do right now!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing!


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