Friday, April 29, 2011


Walking past the glass store front, my eyes caught hold of my new Louboutin shoes. Shoes: better than a martini, better than chocolate, and most definitely better than Steve and his election.

I quickly slid my shopping bags under my desk, all except one. Pulling out the tissue wrapped box, I opened it to see my new Michael Kors watch. It’s classic and simply beautiful. I was smiling when I looked up and saw Suzanne staring at me.

“Isn’t this perfect?”

“What? A watch? That’s what you left for? That’s why I had to cancel my date tonight? A watch? So, is that to remind you what time you are supposed to be back here for a lunch you were never supposed to take today?”

“Suz, I never promised I’d cover for you. I think I would remember that. I had a date myself today. It was going to be divine. Except…” There was no way I was going to admit Steve cancelled on me.

“Except what, Liz? Except that you did promise to cover for me today. Except that I only asked you a week ago and reminded you yesterday. Except that it’s my anniversary tonight and now I have to go stand in line to vote instead.” Suzanne’s face was changing colors again.

And then suddenly, it wasn’t. She was reading something on her computer. Well, whatever it is, at least she’s distracted. I wrapped my new watch around my left wrist and settled in to finish today’s work so I could get out of here.

Martinis with the girls tonight sounds about right. Maybe we’ll hit that new restaurant everyone’s raving about.

Suzanne brusquely pushed back her chair and walked to Dianne’s office. She can’t really be that pissed at me. What is this, the third grade and she’s off to tell on me?

I kept trying to focus on my work. I couldn’t help but look up and see Suz, through the glass walls of our boss’s office. She was smiling, a lot. Someone really ought to tell her she looks like a horse, showing that many teeth. Maybe I’ll do her a favor and let her know later.

It wasn't long before Suz returned to her desk looking like she had swallowed that proverbial canary. She didn’t say a word.

I was curious. “Suz, do you wanna come out with me and the girls tonight?”

She rolled her eyes.

Ugh. What now?!

“No, I have a date tonight…and we’re celebrating.”

“Thought you said you had to cancel that?” Though why anyone would cancel a date to stand in a long line and vote is beyond me.

“Well, I did when you bailed, but Dianne just told me I could wrap things up and get out of here early. So, I’m off to vote and then to celebrate with Jeff.”

“Okay."  I still didn’t understand. Dianne rarely let us take off early, unless she was out of town and didn’t know any better.  "Happy Anniversary!”

“Thanks, Liz. I’ll see you in the morning!”

I went back to work when Dianne stopped by my desk and quickly explained Suz’s cat grin. She gave the promotion that we were both up for to Suzanne. And just to make this day even worse, I realized I would be reporting to her.

I glanced down at my watch, hoping the day was over already. It was still beautiful, but apparently lacked the ability to alter time. And there was no cab waiting to whisk me off.

In case you haven't already read it, the first part of this story, Lunch Date, was written for another Red Writing Hood prompt about a person who drives you crazy.

I was kind of surprised to write more about these fictional characters, especially from Liz's perspective.  But, when I saw the prompt to write about an argument, it just seemed natural to pick up where Liz and Suzanne left off.  Liz is the kind of gal who would drive me up the wall, but she seems to have gotten in my head a bit.


  1. Yay! I was excited to get more of the story. Are you going to keep working on it? I think it's a great start and Liz, even though she's a brat, is becoming more likeable.

  2. Great post!

    I love the characters and that you are writing from a different perspective - but from characters you know and love. Or don't as the case is here ;)

    My favorite line was definitely: "but apparently lacked the ability to alter time."

    Well done!

  3. This could easily be a scene from my work. You really captured the tension between these two women, how irritating your coworkers can seem at times. I laughed out loud at the horse-teeth bit.

  4. the perfect continuation to the first part of the story! you say you struggled with the prompt, but from where i'm sitting it is hard to tell... fabulous job, karen!

  5. i agree with Rosemary and Kim, you have great character development and I hope you continue the storyline!

  6. It's always the brats that seem to get under our skin, isn't it? I'm glad you are continuing this. Your dialogue is realistic, and your imagery is vivid and clear.

    Great writing.

  7. I was a bit disappointed that the fight wasn't much...but realizing they were at work made that understandable. You don't get into a screech-fest at work, not if you want to keep your job!

    Considering the change in dynamics, it will be interesting to see where you take this.

  8. wow...that sucked me right in! Love the irony. You did an outstanding job Karen! I love seeing what you come up with! I immediately remembered the first part if that story (and my memory ain't what it used to be) so hats off to you for the great writing and the interest, you definitely reeled me in! (p.s. I will hunt for somewhere to play FF, if you know of anyplace you like, lmk! i'm excited!)

  9. Oh this was fantastic! Loved the continuation and Liz's self-absorbtion.

  10. I like how the story was told and how the characters were portrayed. Just by describing her smile, you were able to tell that Liz was a meanie up to no good. This reminds me not to trust co-workers!

  11. Despite the fact that you are one of the *sweetest* girls I know this story illustrates your brilliance with writing about the "dark side". Who knew?!? From the right to vote to cute shoes and back again...loving your story telling!


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