Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Even the Easter Bunny Gets Creative

Last year, the Easter Bunny hid an Easter egg under a kidlet's Bionicle. And this year, they remembered that and zipped out to the living room with some toys for that ol' Bunny to get his tricks on in the wee hours of Easter morning.

Hero City's William Furno Takes On the Easter Egg

And get his tricks on, that Bunny certainly did!  Hero City William Furno heaved the egg high.

Hero City Preston Stormer Meets the Easter Egg

And Preston Stormer wasn't about to let this egg get away!

There's a Easter Egg in the Road!

Those Hero City dudes from Lego weren't the only toys to get in on the Great Easter Bunny Act.  And no wonder the truck drove up on the pink egg, what with no driver at the wheel?!

Easter Egg Takes Out a Thunderbird

Oh no!  The Thunderbird's windshield and hard top didn't survive.  Into the body shop, that car will have to go.

That ol' Easter Bunny sure did have fun hiding eggs this year...to the kidlets' absolute delight!

If you celebrated Easter last weekend, were you able to hunt those eggs outside or did someone get creative hiding eggs indoors?


  1. Oh I love it! Very creative for sure! :) I hid the Easter eggs indoors - and it's funny how they'll look for the same places the Easter Bunny creatively left eggs before, isn't it? Princess Nagger got a kick out of EB leaving an egg in the mouth of her big T-Rex. ;)

    WW: Signs of Spring...Finally!

  2. You are so cute!!!! What a great post! This year the Easter Bunny got lazy and just left baskets- no eggs! First time in 13 years we didn't color them, how sad huh!!! The draft starts today right?? Should be interesting who the Niners pick up! xOxO

  3. I love it!

    When I was 6 I hid all my Easter eggs in the house...yeah I couldn't find one of them.

    We found it in about a week, when it started to rott. It was in the fireplace!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is hysterical! That bunny sure is a creative fellow! Our is pretty boring. :)

  5. That was awesome! Your Easter Bunny was quite creative! Since one of our lil guys was sick I was pressed for time. The Easter Bunny brought baskets to the boys on the doorstep and even rang the doorbell! However I, I mean he, ran away before the boys opened the door. He's a fast hopper!


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