Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fantastic Friends make me Smile! {Part One}

Anything that makes me smile is a great thing and I've shared a few times those little things that make me smile, but one of the big things that give me a Chesire cat like grin are fantastic friends! And fun with those fantastic friends, is even better!

Delighted and lucky I have been to get to celebrate my birthday this year with so many wonderful friends!! (Hmmm...I sounded like Yoda there...oh well, I'm gonna run with it!)

When Claire called to invite me to come scrap in her new, fun, creative & scrappy studio with friends on Saturday (last Saturday), I was bummed to have to tell her that I already had plans. (You can read all about Claire-land and the fun the gals had over at Mamacow Creations!) And then I was absolutely delighted when she arranged for us to have lunch with some more friends and celebrate my birthday!!

We......Dana (of Paper Daydream), Claire, Elise (of Mamacow Creations), my Princess, and I met up at LSS Helene's Custom Framing & Scrapbooking to do a little shopping. And happily, there were lots of hugs and smiles, chatty time, and of course, crafty delights to check out. :> I left with a couple of embossing folders, while my daughter was intent on the pretty Prima flowers, I convinced her that I had some, er, um....okay, okay! I've got a whole paper & silk flower garden for her to choose from at home!!

Then these fab ladies took my daughter & I to lunch and treated me to more scrampy goodies! Ahhhhh scrampy friends know the way to a scrampy gal's heart!! Stamps, papers, chipboard, mini albums, accents, an uber cute template, crafty goodies for my kidlets, smiles, chatter, wit, hugs, and laughter, oh my!! Truly a fabulous afternoon with friends that left me grinning and mighty happy!!

Now, what were those other plans that I had for last Saturday?? What would I give up a creative day with friends for??

Please come back to find out!! I had it all written up as one post, but it quickly developed into a novel and I didn't want to tire your eyes (or heaven forbid, bore you!) and decided to split it into two posts! So, please do come back as there is more fun to share.....AND.....the more posts I share with you, the more chances you have to read, comment, and earn more entries in my Blog Birthday Giveaway for a Papertrey Ink gift certificate!!


  1. Happy birthday Karen!

    What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. I can not wait to see what you create with your new goodies!!

    I got a big box of Couture Cardstock from the States this morning... I SOOOO want to play, but what do I have to do? Give my dog a bath... I´ve alredy been brushing him for three hours... Only three more to go and he is a lovely ball of soft with fur that smells like a spring garden!!!


  2. Yes, that's right! You celebrated your birthday this past week! Well Happy Birthday! And it sounds like it was awesome! Prima flowers, yummmmmmmy! LucKy you!!!!! So glad you had a great time!!! xOxO

  3. Lucky lucky lucky girl!!!
    Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!

    I am loving that giant Corona Beer on the wall:) My kinda girlfriends.. I know, you didn't go to drink, but what a fun place!!!

  4. So fun! Those are some seriously fantastic girls!

  5. Happy Day! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Glad you had such a fine day. can't wait to see why you couldn't play with them in the new studio.

  6. Whooooopeeee! That was fun! So glad you had a fabulous time on "the birthday circut!" You totally deserved it, my sweet friend!

    {I crack up how Andi always notices some sort of connection to beverage consumption of the alcoholic variety! - I *heart* her so much!}

    Love you, sweet birthday girl!

  7. Hey Andi! That's MY scraproom with the giant corona on the wall!!! ;) Just kidding, I have a regular, alcohol free scraproom at home.

    Happy birthday Karen! I had so much fun celebrating with you and the girls. I am looking forward to reading about your saturday adventures in the big city. We missed you at the scrap table but there will be more times. *mwah*

  8. Happy Birthday sweetie! :D Nice of them to take you and your daughter to lunch! so sweet! LOL dont worry you didnt bore me! :D Thanks for the nice giveaway... thats awesome! :)

    Thanks too for the sweet compliments on my blog... ya my hand was super tired from all that cutting. LOL Tomorrow is Disneyland YAY! And shes feeling better thx!

  9. I think crafty friends are the absolute best... though most of mine are online!

  10. Happy Birthday to my Sweet Friend!

    I'm so happy to hear that you had a wonderful time with your friends. For the record, you could never bore me...I soak up every word you write! Looking forward to part II!!

    I hope your special day was as special as you!!

    Big Birthday Hugs!

  11. Happy belated birthday, Karen!!! It looks like you had a wonderful time :-) Haha, isn't it strange that I could actually name almost all of your friends even though I never met anyone of you?! Yay for your new supplies, can't wait to see what you create with it :)

    PS: Yes, there's actually big carnival celebrations in Germany with costumes, street parades, music, dancing and much unhealthy stuff ;-) Nevertheless, I would love to witness a real New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration one day.


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