Monday, November 2, 2009

Free Jessica Sprague Holiday Class

Free? Did someone say, free? Did someone use the words Holiday and Free in the same sentence?! I'm on it!

Can I back up for just one second? Will you hang in there with me?

Like many of us, I have an overwhelming amount of holiday photos. And I am behind in scrapbooking in general and even more when it comes to scrapbooking Christmas! And I know that when I do get to scrapping some pages of Christmases past, years past, I am missing out on some of the best memories to document and share. I miss out on them for two very obvious reasons: one, so much time has past and two, there is just SO much information and SO many photos that I get overwhelmed and it becomes more about getting it done, getting them on the page, than about documenting the little things that make the holidays, events, and moments special. And you just might have figured out that its those little things, those moments, that make life smile worthy. At least, for me, they do!

Now this class, Holidays in Hand, is supposed to be a way for you to tell your holiday stories. I have been very interested in Ali Edwards' December Daily project and now seeing the bright and shinning email in my inbox telling me about Jessica Sprague's new free holiday memory keeping class, I am thinking that I just might be able to combine the two! This is more than a whisper in my ear, offering me help in this arena, its like a swift kick in the you-know-what!!

Last July, I was fortunate enough to sign up for Photo Editing: Frame-ups and Special Effects at Jessica Sprague's site when it was offered for free. And the cool thing was that even if I didn't have time to get to it on a particular day, I could always go back and pick up where I left off as the class materials remained in my "My Classes" section. I think its a great feature to be able to take it at your pace and as your schedule allows. And just so you know, even with all of my gushing, I am not connected or affiliated in any way with Jessica Sprague......just a happy camper right now! :>

Do you scrapbook, memory keep, or document your holiday traditions, events, and/or moments? How do you make it work for you?


  1. Hi Karen,

    I am a hopeless scrapbooker! I think I have mentioned in the past that I have bought all the equipment and materials and NEVER do my LO's turn out like all the lovely LO's I see here in blogland. Worse yet, I have helped Martha to become even richer and I haven absolutely NOTHING to show for it!

    I do follow a few scrappers in the hopes that their talent will somehow rub off on me...but still this talent eludes me...sigh! I enjoy your work sweet friend and I can only hope that one day the scrapper fairy will smile on me and bless me with a fabulous layout or two, but I would settle for one!

    I wanted to thank you for your fabulous comments, I always enjoy your visits!

    Love and hugs to you sweet friend!

  2. Thank you for your comment you left on my blog the other day...I use to scrapbook all the time and I do love it but my time is so limited right now...about all I have time to do is make a few cards now and again with all my supplies I have collected. Nice to meet you. Happy Tuesday to you! Your blog is lovely!

  3. You should totally do it, and you should totally do a December Daily. You will love it!

    And... as you know. I do. I love some mini books!

  4. Karen, my darling! How do YOU do those late nights and EARLY mornings! You sneaky thing! I saw your comment on my late night post and was TOO tired to respond at the time! I was literally holding my eyes open to finish! hee hee

    Great to know about this free class! I remember some of you gals posting things you'd learned last time and I was so impressed! Now fitting in the time is another thing entirely, but ya never know! Can't wait to see what YOU do, that's for sure!

    (How's about posting some L/O's from the last retreat? Huh? Huh? Huh? Gimme some love!)

  5. you go girl!! be sure to let me know how it turns out.

  6. sounds very interesting! may have to check out the site. scrapbooking was my first love. now i usually only do it when i go on a retreat 2 times a year.
    have a great day sweet girl!

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