Thursday, November 12, 2009

GF/CF Chocolate Treat Advent Calendar

Would you believe that three, count them, three packages for Christmas arrived on my doorstep today?! And I did not order any of them! While I usually have all of my Christmas shopping done by now, I am behind this year. (Really, really behind......listen closely, you might even hear a whimper or two!!)

One of my closest friends, who is an Auntie to my kidlets (and her husband, a wonderful Uncle), grew up with a chocolate treat Advent calendar to open every day of December, leading up to Christmas. And she has continued her family tradition with my kidlets.

Since we changed our son's diet two years ago, they have been unable to enjoy the chocolate treats under each door. Well, being a good Auntie, she did some research and emailed me a link for a GF/CF Chocolate Advent Calendar, wanting to know if she had found a solution. And while several of the ingredients (soy lecithin & refined sugar), we avoid (but are not 100% removed from his diet), we told her that it should be okay for the little bit (he splits it with his sister) that he would be eating for a short time. We will see after he has it the first time if that is really the case.....fingers crossed!

Our kidlets' calendar, from a mighty nice Auntie & Uncle came from Peanut Free Planet. And while I cannot give you a review of how it tastes yet, I can tell you that it arrived very safely packed, in a zipped bag, wrapped in bubble wrap, packed in packing peanuts. I know my kidlets will be excited for the this kind of treat is a very rare one in our house!

{Oh yes, and if you are wondering, "Where's the picture?!".....I did not take one as I do not want to spoil the surprise for its intended recipients!! }


  1. I'll keep my finger's crossed for you (and the kiddos, of course! I still love my Advent Calenders even at the age of 28. There's just no December without it ;-)

  2. How fun! You may already have one, but I have a recipe for gf/cf chocolate chip cookies that you might like...they actually taste good! Let me know if you'd like me to send it to you.

  3. How fun... so glad they found something!

  4. I love those little advent calendars. I fondly remember them as a child and get one every year for my son, even though he's taller than me now. So happy you have such a special auntie to find one for your sweet kiddos.

  5. I think advent calender's are just part of Xmas so it's great that you can still have one for the kiddies. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage.


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