Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh September, where did you go??

October first?? Seriously?! September, where did you run off to? Oh September, the month that ushers in the new school year (even though my kidlet starts in mid-August.....but, my internal calendar is still set to all those years that school started in September), the beginning of fall, my first born, and the onset of the greatest season of the year!

Sinking into reality, I changed my son's calendar over to October (before he could put another hole into his Oh Brother Blue walls), checked the school's events for the month, realized that I have several creative and social events planned and marked in pen on my calendar for this month, and most of all, thankfully, blissfully, and happily welcomed the semi-fall weather that has finally approached us this week! Crisp and cool, the morning air has been, crunchy leaves (dead and brown, but crunchy) have fallen, thanks to a flighty wind, and even some cooler temperatures (although, it was nearly eighty degrees today......but, that's still about, oh say twenty plus degrees cooler than last week!!!) in the afternoon. Our windows are open and our wallets are thanking us that the air conditioning does not have to run. Fall is upon us!!!

Kitty cats on our deck are flighty, chatty, and quite opinionated this full moon night. Kidlets are slow to go to sleep. Hubby has retired to the desktop. And I am here checking in. Mucho apologies for the week's absence. I simply and totally was swept away in the busy-ness of the days. We had a kidlet birthday (that is continuing this weekend....for three weeks now), my inlaws visited us this weekend, and the usuals of school to-dos, kidlets milestones (my daughter has amazed us recently with a sudden leap in her coloring skills...she's turning into our little artiste! and our son is excitedly choosing books to read over toys in order to "take him......" to somewhere and sometime.....lately, its been Pennsylvania, New York, San Francisco, Paris, the desert, and all times of about wonderful!!!), and an insanely filled calendar. We are the kind of folks that either have absolutely nothing going on or everthing, all at once and this seems to be one of those times!

Not having forgotten about all of YOU, you wonderfully creative, friendly, and talented folk that you all are, I do have something to share with you. I have not been able to photograph it yet between company, birthdays, and oh, hmmmm..........responsibilities (that pesky "R" word). Here's my wee tease: think vintage, think 1940's, think handmade, think little girl, think handsewn, think delightful, creative family goodness passed on. :>

Hope your week has been sweet, autumnal-like, and full of wonderful little bits of goodness (you know, when you add up all those little bits, they can amount to greatness! :> ).


  1. Your kids are quite amazing aren't they? They don't fall far from the tree girlie! and....




    BEANS! I want to know what the vintagy, handmade, passed down goodness is. YOu tease yoU!

    Keep your busy mama head above water and come and get inky soon, OK?

  2. Oh now I'm so curious! You can't leave us hanging like that Karen! Oh wait... yea I did that for a week on my blog. I'll let you slide.

    Glad to hear from you! Always miss your posting!

  3. I'm with THOSE {look up} guys! What up, Kare1?! You and your expository writing always floor me: love your take on your world! Love you, doll! Can't wait to see your big "unveil!"

  4. Seriously - it's fall - which means next it will be CHRISTMAS :) :) :) Heheh :)

    Glad to see that things are busy AND fun!

  5. Oooo can't wait to see your newest project!

  6. OH I cant wait to see! glad to hear from you. i sure was missing reading your bloggy stuff. glad you are back!

  7. Oh what a big teaser!! 1940s vintage and handmade? Sounds great! I can't quite imagine what it is but I definitively want to see it :-)

  8. Hi Karen,
    I just love to read your writing. I love the way you find the good side of everything. Love it!!!

  9. that last comment was me...I don't know what happened.

  10. Hi there Sweetness! How are ya? Sounds as if you are busy as a bee. *sigh* I so remember those days. Looking forward to that wonderful project you mentioned...sounds too good to miss! Thinking about ya and missing you much! xoxo L

  11. Fall is such a busy, fun, beautiful time of year! I can't wait to see what fabulous goodie you have created this time!!! Don't make us wait too long...

  12. wwwhheeeerrrrreeee are yoooouuuuu???


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