Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who says a card has to Open?!

Not me!! I've been thinking about it and a Postcard is simply a card that is posted through the mail without an envelope and does not open. So, I do not think it is definitively necessary for a card that does travel by envelope to have to open. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Quite some time ago, I colored in this Knitabella from Stamping Bella with Prismacolor markers and colored pencils. Do not ask me about the colors I chose because not only can I not remember, but I'm not even sure why I would have chosen these particular colors. I do, however, suspect that I colored her in for a color challenge for which the deadline passed and never finished her up. Well, I just could not have a colored in image haunting me anymore!

Initially, I thought I would detail cut her out, but then went this route. I used my handy dandy Coluzzle (I have the EK Success circle cutter and a Cricut, but I must say, I do love just how fast and easy it is to pull out my trusty Coluzzle.....why, oh why, did Provo Craft discontinue it?!) and cut her into a circle and then matted her with some Raspberry Fizz. Here is where I say, that if I had some of those beautiful Nesties, I would most definitely have used them. But, I don't, so I went with what I do have. And here is where I tell you that this card does Not open!! I matted the Fizz circle onto the next size up circle in Lemon Tart and cut one more Fizz circle in the same size as the first one and adhered that to the back of the Lemon Tart to write on. A flat, non-opening card!

Would you like to know my reasoning? Hmmmm? Ooo, well since we'd be diving further into this brain o' mine....maybe not. Oh what the hey, I promise we won't go deep at all! So, when I cut her into a circle, I realized she just didn't look right on a rectangular card, or a square one for that matter. I thought about putting her on a circle Open-able (okay, so its not a word, but it came out of my head and typed its way on my I'm stickin' to it!) card, but that just wasn't sitting right with me and that's when I started thinking about what it means to be a flat, non-opening Postcard. Both my Mom and my Hubby quite often let out rather large pointed sighs at my 'ability' (let's just call it that, shall we? thank you!) to argue semantics and after having this argument in my head....with myself, guess what?! I won!

Add a little hand stitched "hi" and voila! A flat, non-opening, circle card to pop into the mail to......none other than my knitting Mom! Since Knitabella was already colored (again, why in those colors, I cannot say!) and there is not much to this (other than a linguistic argument with myself), she took no time at all!

My Monkeyman has a birthday party to go to late this afternoon with lots of kids and water balloons, one that he is so excited to attend that he woke me up an hour and a half early this morning. A wee bit excited?! Now, how much do you want to bet that all of us adults will end up wet too?? I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday and that you find a little time to play. :>


  1. You crack me up! I love your blog and writing style...glad to know that I'm not the only one that argues with myself!!

    Love your card that doesn't open and I'm sure your mom will love it too! be young and excited for a birthday party! I don't get too excited for them anymore...sigh!!

    Karyn (French Charming)

  2. So adorable Karen! Love the colors! You are so right this image was calling out to be on round cardstock. The stitched sentiment sends me over the top with joy. Love this card!

  3. Ohhhh, sweet and crafty one! This is hilarious! You're goooooood, baby! I love the SHAPE, sentiment, art and your FABULOUS color work! Choices, craftWOmanship, etc. Fantastic! I'm pretty short on craft time this week, but I'm glad YOUR not, for once! This is fun work, doll-face! Yipee!

  4. you make a very valid point!
    envelopes and opening cards...who needs 'em
    postcards yay!!

  5. Hi, Karen! I think a non-opening circle card is just fine! Very cute, too! :-)

  6. YOu just make me giggle! I love your style...both written and creatively! Thanks for letting us in on the decision making process here. What a fab card for your dear mama. And just think, this will bring a smile to at least a couple postal workers before it even gets to your mom. THat's you just spreading a little cheer about.

    PS: have you seen Dawn's color challenge? They are YOUR COLORS this week....just sayin' :)

  7. Very cute and creative Karen! I hope you had a good time at the water balloon bday party! :)

  8. Hi aren,

    I love your writing. It cracks me up. Yay for postcards.

  9. That's a SUPER CUTE card! Envelopes are over-rated anyway, and not nice to mother earth ;)

  10. Very cute card! I like the stitched title with Knitabella, it goes perfectly! Thank you for your comments on my blog!

  11. This is darling! I love how the stitched HI really brings the theme to life.

    I am glad I am not the only one who makes up some words! :)

    Did you get wet today??!!

  12. I argue with myself all the time, I thought I was the only one that did that!
    LOVE your circle card, fab fab choice of colours.
    Wish I could come to your little one's party-it sounds like fun!
    Love Sarita xx

  13. Haha... your blog posts are always so funny to read :) Great job on your "non-openable" card!! I love the coloring - and your hand-stitching makes it so "from the heart"!

    PS: Congrats on winning these adorable earrings!

  14. love your story and your card!
    silly girl!! try no to argue with yourself too much today! LOL

  15. Karen,

    Love your round, non opening card and the fact you don't have to conform to making a card a certain way, just because...I've been making cards of odd sizes lately, and I love them! I also love my coluzzles, and use them quite a bit. And now for the burning questions of the day...Was the birthday party all your little guy hoped for, and did you get soaked???

  16. this is great! love the stitched sentiment!! :)


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