Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Holey Hybrid, Batman!

First, for those that were asking, yup, yup, I did get wet at the party. I struck a deal with my son though.....he could squirt me as much as he wanted on my back if he would keep it out of my face. :> And yes, he and I both had a fantastic time at his friend's birthday party!! :>

Just a little something simple to offer up today. What is unusual, at least for me, is that this little simple something is hybrid! Actually, the fact that it is hybrid IS what makes it so simple. I was poking around my friend Dana's blog, Paper Daydream, at the end of last week and clicked on over to The DigiChick blog, where she is a member of their Hybrid Chick Creative Team, and found their Friday Freebie.....and you can't beat free, now can you? Well, actually, yes you can.....it is Cute AND free! So, I had to take advantage of it and give this hybrid thing a try.

Now, I do have some other digi stamps already from a couple of different places, but this week, I have been a little short on time and definitely short on creative energy. Hubby left really early Thursday morning for a Guys' weekend at his friend's cabin and six days later, he is returning later today! Yay!! You see, Hubby is a homebody and consequently, its quite unusual for him to be gone. May I take my hat off to those of you who have spouses who do a lot of traveling or have a spouse in the military who is deployed! One of my closest friend's husband is in the army and is quite often gone throughout the year and she amazes me! :>

Okay.....on to my super simple hybrid card! I opened the images in Microsoft Word to size them, printed them out on Georgia Pacific cardstock (per Dana's recommendation as my old printer was quite moody with the heavier stuff), detail cut a bunch of images out (I still have a few more cut out and waiting for a card, so don't be surprised if you see more from the freebie set!), and then they sat on my desk for a couple of days! I told you I was short on creative energy the last few days. ;-) When I picked them up late this morning, I found some old Stampin' Up! dp, adhered the images and the Purely Pomegranate ribbon to it and then mounted the whole thing on a 4 1/4" x 4" Purely Pomegranate card base......and the whole super simple hybrid card is complete...and in record time! I am a slow crafter, so I will definitely keep this in mind when I need a card fast!

School starts up again for my son on Thursday and we get to meet his teacher tomorrow. While I am So not looking forward to having to set an alarm at 5:40am again, I think we all are looking forward to the school routine and coming adventures. Not to mention, autumn is my favorite time of year! Crunchy leaves (albeit, they take longer to turn colors, fall, and get crunchified in California), a kidlet's birthday, Halloween, Early Thanksgiving at my Aunt's, actual Thanksgiving at home, Christmas tree selection and decoration, Christmas, and the cozy days afterwards. I love the Fall! What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

Cardstock: Purely Pomeganate - Stampin' Up!; white - Georgia Pacific
Patterned (DP) Paper: Stampin' Up!
Images: Danielle Engebretson for the Digi Chick
Ribbon: Purely Pomegranate - Stampin' Up!


  1. Hi Karen,

    What a lovely and sweet card!

    Your son must have had a blast soaking your back...sounds like a fair deal! ha!!

    Can you believe the kids are starting school again and fall is right around the corner? Time is flying by!!

  2. How Dar-LING this card is! I am so glad you checked out the friday freebie and put it right to work. Digi is just one more supply in our crafty and creative world and you made play perfectly with your DP ribbon and CS. This is a serious piece of happy mail if I ever saw one :)

    Glad the water party was a blast and good luck with back to school You'll be back to routine in no time. BTW, I love fall too! Perfect weather here, isn't it?

  3. I love the fall too! I have found myself thinking/wishing for a little cooler weather... long sleeve shirts for the kiddo, trips to the pumpkin patch, etc!

    Such a cute card! I have 'new printer' on my never ending list of wants. I want to start getting into some digital stuff but I don't have a printer that will print on cardstock. Thanks for the GP tip!

  4. Ugh! A 5:40 wake up call! It took me a long time to get use to that one. My clock actually goes off at 5:30. I feel for you having to start that again! LOL!

    I'm with you on your love of all things "Fall"! It is my absolute favorite season hands down...for all the same reasons you mentioned. It is the most glorious season here in the mountains of NC. I live in a tourist town and leaf season is one of our busiest times.

    Love your sweet little hybrid card...too cute! Goes to show you that you can create "adorable" in a very short time, huh?

    I've missed stopping by lately. Work, last days with my daughter, moving her to Georgiag...life in general sucked up all my time. But I am getting back on the blogging band wagon and hope to be visiting more frequently. Thanks for always stopping by "my place" and leaving your wonderful comments. I get the most pleasure out of hearing from you. Chat with you soon! xoxo L

  5. Love your card! I"m all about the simple things! Fall is a lovely time of year, I just love it too. The colors, the crisp air, the holidays...it's hard to believe it is just a few weeks away! Glad you and ds had a fun time at the party.

  6. Oh, Kare! I'm all dreamy and swoony over your fabulous card and heart-warming narrative! Now I'm looking for signs of fall and wishing for that deep, yummy smell of damp autumn morning! {I'll get some tomorrow, perhaps, as my big boy has his first day of JUNIOR HIGH! *Gasp!} Anyway, I'm still having issues with jumping in to DIGI land, but this is INSPIRING! Great, great job, DARLIN'!

  7. Hi, Karen! Cute hybrid card! I like the patterned paper you picked and the way you tied the ribbon. Adorable! :-)

  8. How fun. You know I used to do a ton of digital scrapbooking, but I've never made the plunge to combine the two. Love this cute mouse.

    Also, yes, it is WONDERFUL to have a hubby that can make things. The paint color in my bedroom is a b moore color. I'll look it up for you tonight!

  9. Your card is adorable Karen. Love the fabby image and the colours too.
    And we have so much in common as autumn is most definitely my favourite time of year!
    I detest the heat of summer. I don't tan, being a redhead with freckles I just turn bright red-not a good look!!
    Love Sarita xx

  10. Hi Karen!

    Just wante to let you know that there is an Award waiting for you at my blog:-) Even though I am not as good at commenting all the time, I want you to know that I read every word you write, and keep looking at your older posts to get inspired by your talent!


  11. so cute, i have never done digital before. i am scared for some reason. needlessly i am sure. take care girly!


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