Monday, August 10, 2009

Tap your toes.....its HAPPY DANCE time!!!

At the very end of July, I was alerted to a blogging friend's Bead Up jewelry being given away on Today's Give Away and of course, lickety split, clicked my way on over there to enter!! And what do you know? But, my very first time entering for one of this fun site's give aways, has me winning!! I chose the beautiful earrings and when they arrived today, I did a HAPPY DANCE!!!

I have had the opportunity to start to get to know this fantastic designer a bit through both of our blogging experiences as well as exchanging emails. On Christyn's blog, you will see her jewelry designs (including some gorgeous custom pieces for several brides and their wedding parties), what inspires her, weekly I love you, Wednesdays posts, and now her newest weekly addition of Fashionably Friday. If you are here as a paper crafter, artist, creator of any medium, or friend, I am sure you will be entertained and inspired when you visit Christyn! Tell her I say "Hi!"

But, wait! There's more!! I seemed to have been wearing my lucky hat because Christyn's earrings were not the only piece of super duper Happy Mail to arrive today!! Anne Gaal, of Gaal Creative, is a paper crafter and photographer, and occasionally has give aways of her lovely photographs. And let me tell you, I was so surprised when I learned that I had won! It is an award winning photograph of a shell with the edge of a wave breaking over it. I absolutely love it!! Please go say 'hello' to Anne too!!

And you can just guess how lively my HAPPY DANCE was when I tell you that I received both of these pieces of art on the SAME day!! Today!!! Happy, happy, happy, Happy, happy, happy....HAPPY!!!!

I hope your day has brought you something to do a Happy Dance for! On a normal day, I take pleasure in the small things and hope there are enough at the end of the day to tap my feet to. But, after my wee daughter decided to draw on the bathroom mirror with her toothbrush (ewwwww!) (and yes, she's getting a new one to brush with tonight!!!) and get into a few other "interesting" situations (aka test Mama's patience meter mode) today, I cannot tell you just how PERFECT the timing is for Christyn & Anne's generous give aways to arrive on my doorstep and giving me a terrific reason to Dance! (Just don't watch.......I'm not overly coordinated, you know!) Have a great one! :>:>:>


  1. Congratulations! It couldn't have happened to a nicer lady! I'm tapping my toes and doing a happy dance for you!


  2. I'm a maniac, MANIAC for your good luck! And I'm DANCING the happy dance like I've NEVER danced before! You DESERVE all that good mojo, sweet girl: congratulations! I'm off to check out those talented friends of yours: yipee!

  3. You are too sweet! I just updated today's blog entry to include your entry mention - thank you so much!

    I did the happy dance today b/c I met Patrick Dempsey on my lunch break. Like, had a real honest to goodness conversation with the ::beautiful:: man. He's my McDreamy ;) I will send you the link to the blog entry later!

  4. WInner winner...those are so much better than a chicken dinner! Congrats! You are deserving of happy mail every day in my book!

  5. Hi, Karen! How terrific that both items arrived on the same day! I'm so honored that you like my photo card and that it brightened your day. Thank you for your kind words! :-)

  6. 2 time winner!!! how about that...congratulations...luck stay with you..or
    it could be clean livin'

    thank you for introducing me to the bead up site..i am headed that way

    i am familiar with anne's wonderful work...but those who aren't check her out too!

    enjoy looking at your anne picture wearing your lovely earrings!

  7. aawwww that is awesome, babe! congrats on both wins!!! And too funny about the toothbrush. ew. lol
    Funny, that you said something about hair b/c I am going to be making some head bands and hair pieces as well.
    Talk to you soon! :D

  8. well congrats miss thang! i am so
    very HAPPY for you!!!!!

  9. Oh nice. I don't have kids, but I can just imagine all the craziness they get into!

    And what great gifts! Congratulations.

  10. I'm so happy you won!!!!!!! YaY!

    And thank you for your sweet condolences btw. I really appreciate them. Losing 2 grandmothers on the same day, omg- I can't even imagine that.
    You have a great day! xOxO


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