Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School 2012

One of our Back to School shots always includes the backpacks.

Today is the First Day of School for us.  I've got one kidlet so excited she's bouncing out of her skin (though, she's almost always bouncing, so...) and the other has decided it's going to be a good year (I'll take that!).

Watching her excitement build and his thought process, while he decided if it is indeed going to be a good year got me looking forward to the school year starting up again too.  Here's eight reasons why:

1) Watching them achieve their goals; seeing them so excited as they reach each new milestone; watching their eyes light up when they 'get' something for the first time.

2) Welcoming back Mondays.  For years I thought Mondays were the day to dread, now I look forward to them.  Believe it or not, Mondays are my most productive day.

3) Simple things.  Using a restroom without somebody asking me to referee, solve a problem, or if they can watch Looney Tunes.

4) Being able to play my music uncensored and not worrying if the explicit version of a favorite song is the next one cued up.

5) Kicking this beyond annoying writing block I've been tripping over to the curb.

6) Coffee with a friend.  Yes.

7) Volunteering in the classroom and seeing the kids grow as a whole.

8) The first day of school is the grand kickoff to the fall and holiday season and my favorite time of year, autumn. (Semantics technicality note: I realize fall and autumn encompass the same time span. However, for me, fall is the season linked to the dates on the calendar; while autumn is tied to leaves changing colors, pumpkins, turkeys, and crisp air breathed in while the sun shines through a clear blue sky.)

And what's the one thing I'm not looking forward to the most?

The 5:40 am alarm clock.  I have to set two, just to make sure I'm up in time.  And even then, it's sometimes a gamble!

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  1. Amen to the alarm clock issues - I hate that thing!! :) Enjoy your is a beautiful season.

  2. Completely agree about Autumn. Have a wonderful school year! :)

  3. 5:40am??? What time do they go to school. Also, I agree with your definition - it makes total sense to me. Fall - Kids go back to school and we pick apples. Autumn - when leaves turn and we go look for pumpkins. :)

    1. Yup, 5:40 am! We don't leave until around 7:30, but I need a chance to hit snooze once and then get a few things together before I wake them at 6:15.

      Don't think we've taken the kids apple picking before. Might just have to put that on the Fall list! Thanks! :>

  4. Fall is my favorite time too. Enjoy the piece. Keep writing. We start next week. D will be getting up at 6AM. Catching the bus at 7:10AM. Wish us luck.

  5. You linked to my Back to School Traditions link up last year. I was hoping you would link up again.

    I am volunteering in JDaniel's classroom this year.


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