Monday, May 21, 2012

Things I Need to Just.Be.Enough.

I need....

...time and motivation to create...with paint, with words, with a camera, with pencils, with whatever.  Creating something is like travelling down a winding path, deep in the woods, simply experiencing what's just around the corner.

...connections...with my husband, my children, my friends, with people known for many years, with new someones stepping into my life.

...anticipation...for what comes next, for who is to come, for what is just a few steps away, for what will take a long journey to reach.

...sights...images to plainly see, pictures to see by looking closer, the grand vista, the ittiest bittiest detail, what sights my eyes survey everyday, the images I'm lucky enough to glimpse when looking from another angle. capture me and carry me off, to inspire me to create, to remind me to connect in new ways, to spark my anticipation, to cast new shadows and light to every sight waiting to be seen.

Sure, there are specifics like painting with my daughter, music to write with, country drives both solo and with my kidlets, but specifics change as I change.  And thinking through this simple little question, these broad categories are what hold me, in the past, in the present, and hopefully in my future as well.

What things do you need to just be enough?


  1. Beautiful words my friend...I can so relate! For me, I've learned that I need to rejoice in the good, to see the beauty around me, to create and never to waste a second on fretting or regretting. I have missed you sweet friend, I'm so happy to reconnect with you.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with Just Be Enough.

    I love that you used broad categories to encompass what you need. As things change in my life over time, the specifics of what I "need" and "want" change, but the overreaching ideas are the same. You did such a great job finding those things here.

  3. I love how you did that. You're so right - all of those things are necessary for an inspired, balanced life!

  4. Oh yes connections- this is what I wanted to say but just couldn't get the wording right so I left it out. Love your interpretation.

  5. This is a great list. I love the broad categories too - this stuff is all what's important.

  6. Great post. You're so very insightful and creative! What do I need to just be enough? I think it's all about health and happiness. When at church the monsignor says it's time to pray for our own intentions, that's all I can think of: health and happiness. Guess I'm simple like that.


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