Monday, March 12, 2012

100 Years of Girl Scouts

I'm celebrating today!  Why?  Girl Scouts is celebrating their 100th Birthday!

I was a Girl Scout from Brownies, all the way up to my early adult years.  I was in Girl Scouts on both the East & West coasts, in two states, and three towns.

With my troops, I've crafted, sang more songs that I can count, hiked, participated in community and environmental service projects, learned new skills, and camped.  Camping was a blast and definitely a staple to punctuate every year of Girl Scouting. I've slept on mountains, in tents, on hills, in cabins, in more tents, and even in a big barn.

It was in my last two troops that I took on the camp name Gizmo and still respond to that name today.  Quite honestly, I think my best friend, who was also a Girl Scout, calls me Giz or Gizie more than she calls me Karen!

And I've met some of the most wonderful girls, now women, in my life through Girl Scouts, including my Four Musketeers.  In Gravity, or Instinct, I Just Knew, I shared my first meeting with her first Girl Scout meeting.  And I'm grateful that thanks to emails & Facebook, I'm able to continue to keep in contact with so many of the women to this day, twenty years later!

So what are Girl Scouts up to today?  Check out to find out!

Happy 100th Birthday,
Girl Scouts!!!


  1. You're names Karen? Huh...LOL, so glad that Girl Scouts brought us together and gave us such good memories, which continue today. Which song should we start the sing-a-long with?

  2. The Girl Scouts are an amazing group! My daughter was a Daisy and a Brownie, but instead of bridging to a Junior, she decided to get involved in 4-H instead (also a great organization!). I think it's great that you stuck with it for so long!

  3. Well, I'm late with my well wishes, but Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts! I was a scout for a few years growing up. Loved it!

  4. This is really cool. I was never a Girl Scout... but I was envious of the girl's the were! The camping trips and groovy crafty stuff seemed like SO much fun! I love that you still have those connections from childhood too! What a great organization!

  5. I was a Girl Scour for a while and it was a ton of fun. I think I quit when my mom had my brother; it was just too much for her to host girls and take care of a newborn and all of that. Then we moved and I never got back into it. It was fun and educational while I did it though!

  6. Girl scouts don't exist in South Africa. Actually they do, but not in the small city where I grew up. I always found that sad, because all the books I read as a little kid spoke about scouts and I so wanted to be a part of it!

    Sounds awesome. :) Stopping over via SITS Spring Fling :)


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