Sunday, February 12, 2012

Twenty-Twelve Color Pattern

Last year (actually, beginning at the end of 2010), I seemed to be drawn to pinks, yellows, and reds over and over.  I found myself using them for my own projects and pinning others' projects or photos from that palette.

And I'm quickly seeing a pattern of reaching for pink and teal this year.  I just naturally gravitated towards the two colors, paired with gray, for my One Little Word album - they're great colors for my word Animate, don't you think?

Since I've noticed the emerging color theme, I thought I'd share a page from my art journal that I created last month.

Art Journal Page 2012

Must admit, it was rather meditative to keep writing nearly the same words over and over again, across the page. I imagine it's similar to what I hear knitters feel like as they repeat a simple pattern.

2012 Art Journal Page

Add in some pearlescent watercolor paint, my stand-by acrylic paints, and an assortment of black pens for this word doodled page to come together.


For me, it was a simple, colorful way to welcome in the new year. And a month later, I'm realizing that those colors I reached for first thing at the start of Twenty-Twelve, have developed into a personal trend. I'm curious to see where they'll appear again.

Do you ever find yourself riffing on your own personal color trend?


  1. What a vibrant, beautiful page! The background with the repeating words must have taken a long time. What's amazing is the top of the page is as perfectly-written as the bottom. Great work!

  2. i love your TWENTY TWELVE page! Such beautiful lettering.... i'm a sucker for lettering. Love love fonts. I'll be back for a visit. Happy CED! xoxo

  3. I'm not terribly crafty, but I do go through these color phases rather often. Right now, I can't get enough of jewel tones.

  4. Nice to have found you over at CED. Love the colour combo! I was feeling Valentine inspired this week!

  5. what a fun combo. it screams summer to me which i am reallllly craving right now. i LOVE the "bob ross" pic below. made me laugh out loud. i used to watch him when i wanted to take a nap. he voice was so soothing. hope you have a great valentine tomorrow

  6. I spent years stuck in orange and blue, and they were always my default palette... I have made a conscious effort to move away from them, but coming back to them is just like throwing on an old sweater... still so comfortable which is great when I'm not feeling confident in what I am doing... I say embrace those colours ... yours are so fresh and bright how could they not make you happy...xx


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