Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Link with Love Inspires Change

I've had the Link with Love badge on my left side bar since Kal Barteski started this campaign (she loves Pinterest and shares her thoughts here).  It's all about linking our images & pins back to the ORIGINAL source.  Whether you are a writer, photographer, artist, or foodie & post your original recipes, your work should be credited when all the great information and inspiration are spread across the interwebs.

When I pull a pin from Pinterest and put it on my blog, I hunt down those original links or I don't use the image.  And sometimes that's taken a lot of time.  Why?  Sometimes the links are simply broken, but often an image is pinned from the main site, not the specific url, linking directly to the page where it came from.  Other times, it is pinned from someone else's site, but not the original source.  That means going back three, four, sometimes five or more links to find the original source.

Kal has had her original artwork spread across the web (which she's not objecting to) and then copied and sold for profit by others (which, of course, she does object to).  I applaud her proactive effort to encourage everyone to be the change.

Will you be the change?  Go to the Link with Love site (here's the link to the specific page with this image) and pin the above image to one of your Pinterest boards.  Spread the word, join the movement, and as Kal says, be the change!

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I try to ensure that all my pins are linked to the original.


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