Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Million Grains of Sand

Carrying blankets, towels, and a cooler loaded with sandwiches, soda and water, we hiked down the steep switch backed hill to our treasured spot.  Almost there.

Huge steel colored boulders were the last obstacle for us to climb over.  Reaching our hands out for one another, we steadied each other.  Truthfully, more often than not, it was me reaching out for his steady hand as I worked my way from one boulder to the next.  Almost there.

Moving from firm footing onto a million tiny grains, each step sinking a bit before pushing off, we propelled ourselves forward.  Giddiness would start to spill over as we approached the wave churned, smooth as silk driftwood in our path.  So many shapes, so many possibilities could be seen in those twisted pieces of wood.  Almost there.

A million warm grains crunching under each step as we approached our spot.  Laying out a blanket, we sprawled across it, kicked off our shoes and plunged our toes into the sun baked granules.  The warmth slowly travelled up through our covered feet, through our bodies, bit by bit, until the sun’s rays could be felt on our faces.  It was as if we were melting;  melting into each other, melting into the sun, melting into the golden, glittering sand beneath us.

The ocean pounded its waves past the rocky cliffs, into our cove.  Its rhythmic washing of the shore swelled in our ears.  An occasional seagull pierced through.  We were there.  We were in our cove, on our spot, filling ourselves with a peace we found each time we went.

This week, The Red Dress Club, prompted us to write a memory of sand.  I instantly thought of the cove that my husband & I frequented when we were dating.  It was like a little piece of heaven.  It's a hike to get down to it and between that and the fact that there are strong rip tides there, we don't take the kidlets there and consequently, haven't been in quite awhile.  Thankfully though, the memories of it have not dimmed.

Let's BEE Friends
This post suffered from the Great Blogger Debacle 2011 and lost all of its lovely comments, which makes me sad.  But, I cannot think of a better way to happy up this post and myself than to link up with super sweet Bruna of Bees With Honey!  Let's Bee Friends! :>

And wouldn't you know it, but looks like Blogger has returned the comments a week later!  Happy to have the comments back and even happier to connect with some of Bruna's readers! Thanks for stopping in! :>


  1. I love the way you described the sand. The verbs, the adjectives. It was lovely. I felt like I was there sitting on the blanket chatting with you guys and enjoying the moment. Well done.

  2. I can feel warmth as I read this - and the desire to go relax.

  3. Karen,

    You totally impress me with your writing girl! Felt like I was there with you guys!!!!! And it made me miss SF and the ocean...... :( Beautiful job.

  4. Ah, it's nice to hold onto those happy places even if they are only memories.

  5. This is pure poetry! Your visuals are stunning!

  6. great sensory detail, i could feel it and smell it and see it!

  7. MY cooler must be packed, because, lil' darlin' - I'm THERE! What WONDERFUL detail and truly magical story telling! BRAVO!

  8. Your post today made me remember hikes my hubby and I use to go on before kids. I miss those days. The girls are too little to go to most of the places he took me.

    Glad you shared you story with the Lets BEE Friends Friday link-up crew!

  9. I miss the ocean, loved this piece. Sorry about the debacle, you poor blogger peeps!

  10. What a beautifully written post! So glad Bees brought me to it.


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