Thursday, October 11, 2012

InstaFriday Fun: Moments Captured

It's been a crazy busy week.  Truthfully?  It's been a crazy busy four weeks.  And it's catching up with me.
But, taking a peek at moments captured with my ever present phone and shared on Instagram (I'm @timecrafted over there, come say hello!) these last seven days, makes me smile and reminds me where I've been.  Come take a stroll with me?
Bringing the kidlets home from school, we noticed a solitary water droplet from the morning's sprinklers resting atop a fallen leaf on the edge of the driveway, thought it was beautiful and worth a pause.

Our neighbors cut down their large flowering plum tree and we've been amazed by the colorful morning treat we now see...aka, the sunrise.

Sweet girl & I wait at the school picnic tables for the big brother after school most weekdays.

Last weekend, after celebrating my best friend's birthday several towns away, I took some time to revisit some old stomping grounds from my early teen years before returning home.

I tried hopping back into the #fmsphotoaday photo challenge that I enjoyed so much this summer.  The theme was #angle and I snapped the side of my laptop to fulfill the bill.

When I got back into town, Hubs & the kids raced to tell me of a surprise in the backyard they discovered while I was gone.  This last summer, we did NOT plant anything new.  Consequently, we only had our existing artichoke and apple tree producing for us this year.
However, last year's set aside tomato cages had ideas of their own...and grew a huge tomato plant full of ripening tomatoes!!! These two were ready this week and I expect another several dozen in the next week.  Pretty cool surprise, huh?!
What surprised you this week?
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  1. Absolutely beautiful photos, Karen! That photo of the leaf with the water droplet is particularly amazing!


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