Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#photoadayjuly so far...

A 365 photo challenge is more than daunting to me, but I always perk up when I see the photo-a-day lists and/or challenges for a single month.  Looking for a li'l inspiration, I decided to hop aboard with Fat Mum Slim & her #photoadayjuly list with a different photo theme to click each day!

Here's where I'm at for July, so far....

When one waits until the very end of the day to suck it up & take a pic o' oneself, there's a chance it will be after a shower & one will have a towel wrapped on one's head...just before midnight!

I remembered the clear bands for the next day's post-swimming-lesson-shower braids!

A million toys and a box Costco goodies came home in becomes a favorite toy, tv viewing chair, & li'l artist sketchpad.

Husband went to build with kidlet's thousands of Lego bricks - the final product came out really cool...still need to snap a pic o' that.

Bedside book stacker.

Rockin' awesome place to curl up & read.

Flowering artichokes are so beautiful, but since they taste so darn delish, we only let one go to flower in our backyard!

Random veggie fridge grab makes a yummy lunchtime salad.

Standing under big trees, snapping the big sun in the big sky.  Big.

Favorite color?! I could never pick just one...completely depends on what I'm love with at the moment or where my mood is taking me.

A big thank you to my boy for picking this shirt to wear...beyond Super timing!

Couldn't pick just one - peeling paint, brick walkway, road, garden rock, driveway.

It has been a big reading summer, for sure.

Shoot!  Didn't go anywhere this day & needed a sign pdq.  And then I remembered the one on a kidlet's wall that I brought home from a grownup girlfriend getaway weekend to Disneyland a few years ago!

Print books, ebooks, new books, old books, our books, borrowed books, you name it - we're reading it this summer!

I've missed two days (building & finger...tsk, tsk) - apparently, I'm not so awesome at a specific photo each day...but, I'll get there. ;>

If you're doing #photoadayjuly, let me know - I'd love to see where you've clicked this month!


  1. That braid looks awesome. I could never pull something like that off on my own head and I have no one to practice on over here!

  2. I love these pictures! I've been doing the 365 project, which is great because I'm always taking pics. I do like the specific challenges, though!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. These are great shots! You have beautiful features, and I love that braid. Although, I have to admit the flowering artichoke was odd!

  4. Great pictures. How great for you your daughter lets you do her hair up so cute. I have to bribe mine to put hers up in a single pony tail. And that salad looks yummy.


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