Thursday, December 30, 2010

Random can be kind of Great!

Visiting with my Dad, his wife, and my brother made today {Great}, all by itself, but then as they were leaving, Random struck, which also had a bit of its own greatness, too!

As my family was getting in their car to leave for the night, a dog trotted across the road to the car to say 'hello'.  I didn't want him to get hit as they were about to pull out, so I patted my leg and he trotted on over.  He wasn't huge, but a good size, taller than my knees, white with some large black spots, and quite mellow.

I held his collar as they left and then we went back up the house so that I could call the phone number on his tag.  As I was dialing, I found his name, "Coolio".  Have to admit, he was pretty cool.  The kidlets, of course, came clamoring to the door to see why I had a dog with me and to ooooo & ahhhhh and get some petting in. 

Unfortunately, I didn't have any luck with the number on the tag....not right away.  And Coolio had decided to go for a walk.  So, I followed him, hoping he was visiting someone on our street.

Coolio led the way and I followed.  If he got too far ahead, he trotted back and got me and then we proceeded on down the street, then back up, then down and into the next neighborhood.  At this point, I realized it was close to eleven o'clock at night and with no jacket, a wee bit cold.

But, we walked some more, Coolio sniffed every walkway, every bush & shrub, chased a couple cats for about 1.2 seconds each, and I followed.  When I realized I was starting to sleep walk and turn into a popsicle, I knew I needed to turn around and walk home. 

I was torn though, I didn't want Coolio to get hit by a car.  To my utter surprise, when I turned at the end of the street, Coolio stopped, turned around and followed me all the way back home.  When I got home, I realized why I had been cold (besides the no jacket thing), my glasses immediately fogged up from the warmth of the house....that and the thermometer read 36 degrees (F). 

We gave Coolio some water, my boy came back out of his room to pet him some more, and just as we were about to try calling his owner again, the phone rang with that very same person:  Coolio's owner!

While I was waiting for Coolio's owner to come & pick him up, I noticed the writing on his collar.  It read, "Coolest Dog Ever" and ya know what?  I think that about sums it up.

All of it felt random, but ya wanna know what else?  Random can be kind of {Great}!

What {Great} bits of randomness have entered your life lately?  I love a great story!


  1. Awwwww!!

    36 degrees out there, omg!That's almost snow weather! wth!!

    The Niners can't even make up their mind on a coach I see..... am I really surprised? I was hoping for Gruden, that ain't gonna happen. Now Harbaugh looks grim too....ughhhhhhhh. Can we have Eddie back?
    Happy New Year xOxO

  2. I'm chilly from reading about this! Brrrr! I LOVE that doggies name:) So cute.. I sure hope he found his family! Some one sure loves him!

    And thanks for leaving sweet comments on my blogster:)

  3. oh... karen! wish i had some kinda cool random story to tell, but... i don't! thanks for sharing your story about "coolio"! i always love stopping by! happy new year!

  4. SUCH a darling "tail", heh heh! You are TRULY a special person. Your potential frostbite must have warmed right away, when that sweet pup's people got him - You're an ANGEL!


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