Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog Update

I've created a page on Time Crafted that will be a home for both autism and gluten & casein free resources.  It is titled Autism & GF/CF Links and is just under the blog's header.  If you are in need of information for your own family or to learn more, please check it out!  Autism affects so many in this world, I'd like to offer just a wee bit of what we have come across in our family's journey.

Thanks for stopping by, I always love your visits!  Off to get dinner ready for my kidlets.  We just got home from wee girl's dance classes' dress rehearsal.  I cannot tell you how cute it was to see all those sweet little pink fisheys up on stage performing! :>


  1. Oh, a sea of tiny pink leotards! How CA-UTE is THAT! Meanwhile, Kare! You're awesome! I'm glad you are doing this - can't wait to check it OUT! Wahoo!

  2. Oh, little girls in pink leos! Nothing cuter for sure! Cool you are posting info about autism and gluten free living. The more you know the better decisions you can make!

  3. I'm so going to share this with my neighbor!

  4. That is awesome Karen.
    I have a good friend on FB, brace yourself, she used to be a 49ers cheerleader! She has a son with autism and is very involved in that. She is always doing events, speaking appearances,fund raisers, etc. I'll give you her info. She's a sweetheart...xoxo


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