Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

After staying up late to wrap presents, my eyes are puffy, and I'm a wee bit tired. But, truthfully, in the end, seeing someone's face all lit up when they have a wrapped present in their lap, is worth it. :>

I like the little things in life. Its the little things, life's little moments, that make me smile. I thought I would share a few of those little moments that have placed smiles on my face and in my heart this season.

* Strolling down memory lane as I took each ornament out and hung it on the tree.....made me smile!

* Handing my Princess a box of ornaments to hang all by herself for the first time....made me smile!

* An Auntie taking the time to track down a gf/cf chocolate advent calendar......makes me smile!

* Children racing, checking the date to see whose turn it is, to open the next door on that advent calendar......makes me smile!

* Taking the kidlets on our annual Christmas lights drive.......made me smile!

* Hearing squeals of delights and sounds of awe when we saw a beautiful or fun display of Christmas lights.....made me smile!

* Cheering a friend on and smiling from the inside out when we all welcomed one of my closest friend's newest baby into the world.......made me smile!!

* Singing Christmas songs with my kidlets......makes me smile!

* Listening to my son sing in his Winter Concert......made me smile!

* Getting inky and making some Tim Holtz Christmas tags.....makes me smile!

* Winning one of Tim's giveaways during his 12 Tags of Christmas and having a couple of girlfriends immediately know that it was me because of my :> greater than smiley face smiles.....made me smile!

* Telling my son that the present he just shook and swears is Legos is really just a box of rocks....made me smile! (Don't worry....he's laughing too!)

* Having Hubby home for four days this Christmas.......makes me smile!

* Chatting online with my best friend last night while I was wrapping presents.....made me smile!

* Family and friends, emails, phone calls, cards, pretty pictures, smiles and happy faces....make me smile!

* And of course, YOU and this fabulously fun blogging world.....make me smile!!!

Thank You!!

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  1. YOU make me smile! Merry Christmas Sweetie!

  2. Merry Christmas Karen! I hope you have a great holiday :-)


  3. Merry Christmas Sweet Friend! I adore you and your kind spirit!!

    Love and hugs,

  4. Merry Christmas, dear friend! You will never know how often YOU make me smile! {{{hugs}}} L

  5. your sweet comments and positive attitude make me smile!!! Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas Karen! Thanks for making me smile!




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