Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#iPPP a la Girl Scouts

Back for #iPPP and it hasn't even been a whole year since my last visit!  Say what?  Only two weeks?  Call Guinness!

Life's been busy, busy, but last weekend, busy also meant tasty.  My sweet girl was working on her Snacks badge for Brownies (Girl Scouts) and got crackin' in the kitchen, creating a sweet treat and a smoothie.

Saturday night, for dessert, she made yogurt strawberry parfaits, layering greek yogurt mixed with a li'l honey, sliced strawberries, and granola.

And while the first set of parfaits were made gluten free, using Udi's vanilla granola, she needed to go one step further for her brother, who can't have dairy,  to join in the sweet treat fun and swapped out the greek yogurt for almond yogurt creating a GFCF parfait delight.  Looks nearly the same, eh?

Can I share the most random and yet helpful thing I learned over the weekend?  Thanks to friend Jenn visiting, I finally learned how to spell dessert and not get it mixed up with desert!  Dessert is spelled with two 's's because you want more and desert with only one 's' because you supposedly want less (since I'm not a fan of the heat, this totally works for me).  Told ya it was random...but, it will save me when spell check isn't nearby!

On Sunday, she blended up a smoothie, using frozen organic blueberries, frozen strawberries, frozen mangoes, fresh ripe banana, fresh baby spinach leaves, and coconut water.  We slurped up smoothie and then poured the left over mix into popsicle molds for desert this week.  Delish.

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  1. Yum! Now I really want a parfait!

    1. It was indeed yum! And even better, it totally works for dessert...or breakfast. :>

  2. Mmmm...smoothies and parfaits. Yum! And healthy. How sweet of her to make GFDF for her brother. :)

    1. Definitely love that she naturally thinks how to alter recipes to fit her brother's needs! :>

  3. Oh my, they all look delicious. And I love that they are gluten free--I'm always looking for good gluten free treats for my son who has Celiac. Love your trick for spelling dessert. I promise you almost every time I write the word I think about the trick I learned when I was a kid--two s's for strawberry shortcake which is a dessert. It's so funny how sometimes those things stick with you forever, but I can't remember what I did last Tuesday. Lol.


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